GMT 1 July Update

Perhaps it is an omission but no news on Shipping updates in the email newsletter.

So go to the web site to obtain full details!

Lots of other cool information in the GMT newsletter. I’ll let you sift thru it as most of it is old news except:

1. AI rears its head again this time for Kirks WWI block game Fields of Despair. This has quickly become a standard item in GMT titles thanks to the success of the AI based solo tools in Runkes COIN systems games. We can expect this to continue with many of the GMT titles. How long before other publishers follow suit?

2.  Jim Day is looking for play testers of the MBT game to be done on VASSAL. Pop a note to GMT if you want in. WWIII gear heads preferred I assume.

Finally looks like Gene has an incubated solo game about being President. It actually sounds kinda cool. 

Shipping News:

We will begin shipping the following P500 titles next Tuesday, July 7th:


Let the Bergian Errata begin!! 😉

Wing Leader 

Charging:  We’ll begin charging for the following games starting Tuesday, July 7th:


No Retreat 4: The Italian Front

We’ll begin charging for the following games starting Tuesday, July 14th:

We intend to ship all four of those games at the end of July.

Nothing ordered in this bunch..:(


Replacement Counters for Deluxe Alexander  AWESOME!!! 


August 2015
All of the Twilight Struggle Kickstarter Items

C&C Napoleonics #5: Generals, Marshalls, & Tacticians

The US Civil War 

Really looking forward to this!

September 2015

December 2015 

So December we can hope to see:

If you can wait therefore do not pay 100 $ for Panzer!  Plus MBT is on its way finally.


Panzer Reprint

Hey!! At least say something! ;)