Germany At War – Open for Pre Order!!!

One of the cool things about Vento Nuovo games is they put their money and design principles where their mouth is! Their latest title focuses upon the mobile and dynamic early WWI action on the West front!

After investing all the time in developing and testing the game, they open a short window for pre orders. Regardless the game goes to print! They pre invest in making the games. You get the benefit of saving 20+ Euros at pre order prices.

LINK: Live on sale any moment!! in the next few hours pre orders should open. Get in line behind me folks! This will be a fast playing, easy to learn stunning looking game.


The game uses similar combat mechanics and movement rules that streamline play. The system has been refined further since the debut of Waterloo 200. I will be excited to try this one out!

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  1. ….aaaaand added BitE too. I thought it was out of stock initially. Emanuele was great in adding it to my free shipping order.

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