Geeklist 2014!


Here is a peek into what I hope to play next year + random add ons, extensions, and Pre Pubs that come my way!

2014 will hopefully be a busy gaming year , where I explore more titles than 2013, and perhaps invest a little less time in titles that I have played extensively.

That said GboH, OCS, SCS and TCS,  as well as LNLP’s -WaW and LNL will still feature in my gaming.

1. Board Game: Aspern-Essling [Average Rating:6.78 Overall Rank:3986]

This and 2 other titles to be played as a means of exploring the different rules systems for some of the titles I own, see list for the other titles.
So far I like the NBS system at the tactical level the most.

 2. Board Game: Aspern-Essling 1809 [Average Rating:8.07 Overall Rank:2806]
The Jours de Glorie system squeaks in as tactical, but with large scale hexes. It joins the other two titles covering this battle.
 3. Board Game: Battle of the Bulge [Average Rating:5.90 Overall Rank:4992]
This one is to play with my son.
We will crack this open Jan 1st I hope!

 4. Board Game: Case Blue [Average Rating:8.23 Overall Rank:1154] [Average Rating:8.23 Unranked]
I’m on turn 3 of a play that will run Oct ’41 thru June/July 1942 (if it lasts that long and I can hack it)
In Progress.

 5. Board Game: A Distant Plain [Average Rating:8.37 Overall Rank:1357]
Play this with a view to writing a minor Review. I have to Grok this and understand why COIN system is so popular!!!
  6. Board Game: Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War [Average Rating:7.46 Overall Rank:1099]
Either this or A Most Dangerous Time to use as a backdrop for a campaign that will have battle resolved on the GboH combat battlefield!  yes I intend to try again!!!

 7. Board Game: Hitler Turns East [Average Rating:0.00 Unranked]
This is for my ongoing Walk thru WWII.
We recently played The Russian Campaign, this will make a nice contrast and perhaps a Side by Side comparison is in order?

 8. Board Game: The Last Success: Napoleon’s March to Vienna, 1809 [Average Rating:7.78 Overall Rank:3726]
The Aspern Essling Scenario as part of the multi title side by Side look at Tactical Napoleonics.

 9. Board Game: Lock ‘n Load: A Day of Heroes [Average Rating:7.81 Overall Rank:1328]
Campaign game, and likely at least 3 of the scenarios set in Libya. Whooot!
10. Board Game: Panzer (second edition) [Average Rating:8.00 Overall Rank:1676] [Average Rating:8.00 Unranked]
I’d like to revisit this and play with Arty and Air. I wish there was a solution to the play sequence problem.
 Finnish….doah Finish my campaign via VASSAL with Steve A!
 12. Board Game: Southern Front [Average Rating:7.43 Overall Rank:1903]
The modules for this are begging to be played. This will start (when we get to it late 2014) the playing of all my WWIII titles, From Next War to Nato Division Commander, to NATO.
13. Board Game: Space Infantry: New Worlds [Average Rating:7.29 Unranked] [Average Rating:7.29 Unranked]
2 Scenarios or so more of this to finish of my story following Jugger the intrepid Squad commander and his adventures solving a mystery inside the USMEC with Colonel Graystain in the far flung future.
 14. Board Game: World at War: Eisenbach Gap [Average Rating:7.54 Overall Rank:724]
I’m going to start playing WaW in Chronological order!
No rush, it will serve as the back drop to my Next War project, where we tackle all the biggies and many mid sized WWIII themed titles.
In addition to all of this goodness, I’d like to also get a learner game of Devils Cauldron in, and invest some time in Musket and Pike. M&P just deserves some love and focused attention as does about 100 other titles.  

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