GD’42 What Really Happened @ Luchessa Valley? 1400-into the night! p2/2

General situation in the Noviki corridor above.

Balierev ordered the attack. Suppressive Fire, and Arty put the Germans heads down.

Balierev and his men rammed home successive assaults that finally cause the touch beyond understanding German 9-II. Not even they however could understand the blood lust fueled anger that Balierev had instilled in his men. A veteran of the Finnish war of ’39 he knew winter warfare, he knew the taste of defeat.

But he had learned to survive, and to lead with a fervor that rarely survived the first rush of combat. His men followed him. Anywhere. He was first in and last out. In this instance 1 and 3 of the 445th crushed the platoons facings them with little loss of life due to the careful use of cover, smoke and illumination.

Balck was headed back HQ when the message came thru. His worst fears were realized. Although it was early it looked liked the Soviets were about to breach and break thru at the very fords he had weakened earlier.

He immediately called for units to cover the high ground east and requested an update on I Bn’s       dispositions.

Worse yet the entire armoured forces of the Russian attack had swept around Karskaya and attacked the Southern edge of Noviki,  under the cover of snow, they had executed flying overruns thru his units.

Then followed up with the remnants of the 49ths infantry who were hell bent on revenge and getting out of the frigid weather.

The Noviki forces were now taking fire from the hill to their rear from breakthrough elements of the Soviet Tank Battalions

The Russian forces seek to consolidate their gains and prepare for loss of Attack privileges.

snowsuits and camo


In Goncharova a different story unfolded. There the Germans pounded the living snot out of the already weary 453rd. Smirnov could do little to force his men to fight. He thought it all could wait until morning.

Gamenote: 1600 VP level equals Ger minor victory.

The Pioneers moved to secure the bridge at Belshoi.

Lead elements seek to cut off the forces in Goncharova and prevent a counter attack from IBn.

The call came to Smirnov. He had until 8am to secure Goncharova. The entire attack was waiting on him. The tanks were encircling, the 445th had secured the Fords “what the fuck was he doing?” was the pointed question. “Take Goncharova or take a bullet.” The line disconnected. Smirnov’s hand shook as he replaced the receiver. His other hand automatically reached for the bottle.

By 2100 Smirnovs already battered Battalions were still no closer to securing their objectives. Horrendous fire, arty and resolute defense and broken we attacks so far.

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