GD ’42 Stats. Op Sheets Summary

GD’42 stats.

Over the last few weeks I have been developing my turns and playing, writing AAR’s taking pics, making videos.

How long does it take to play?

Excluding the conversations online, the OpSheet analysis paralysis I have come up with the following data:

62 turns = 52-58 hours.  Turns became progressively longer especially as additional units entered the map.

I have devoted about the same again to video production, AAR development and way too much time trouble shooting video formats that are acceptable cross platform for PC and Mac under Adobe Elements.

I just hit the 2200 hour. All the Opsheets for attack fail for the Soviets. So night, night sweetheart.  Now its time for everyone to snuggly down and roll for those Hasty Defense Op Sheets.

We now need to either execute /fail or implement HD. I’m gunning for HD for all my guys and building attack sheets for 0700.

Meanwhile the Germans face fewer restrictions. IF you are not on an Attack Op Sheet does that mean you cannot ‘attack’ a unit in your area you are tasked with defending?

The Germans need to think thru what they want to do between 2200 and 0700 to:

  1. put Soviet units out of Supply
  1. push back or cause fails on Soviets in HD.
  2. Consolidate around key road junctions where the Soviets of broken thru
  1. Extricate units that maybe potentially trapped by the Soviet break thru.

Op Sheet summary for Soviets for Game turn 1 0700


1Gd /Tk49 +452

0700 29th

Attack Noviki.

Fail Starhuki area +/- 5 hexes.

452 – guard flank to prevent attack from Vasil’Tsova area.

-Tanks Failed out


Implemented: 1500

Sheet: Rejoin Attack on Noviki.

Fail Karskaya (10 hexes east)

Opsheet 5.


0700 29th Capture Karskaya

Fail set Up area

Op sheet 5.1

Capture Goncharova  and fords leading to Titov.

Launch 1520 thru 1000 30th

Attach 2nd Bat. AT

Fail SW Woods

Opsheet 4

1 Mech Brigade – 445th & 14TR

1500 attempt night Ops

Capture Fords north of Noviki @ Nikolskoe

Fail east of Starhuki

Opsheet 1 

1600 reinforcements


Atk Travino

Fail Rubtsovo

1500: un implemented:

Opsheet 1.1

Hasty D.

Written 1700

Defend current area acquired

Fail  west map edge

Opsheet 4.1

Hasty D

Written 1700 Defend acquired geo.

Fail  east of Karskaya 10 hexes

Opsheet 5.2

Hasty D

Night fail.

KarsKaya 10 hexes

Opsheet 3.2

Hasty D

Hold gains

Fail  Woods west of  Noviki

Am I doing this right?

The 30th will be an eventful day.

3 thoughts on “GD ’42 Stats. Op Sheets Summary

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      • Yeah it can be as easy or as hard as you want.
        I typically use a soft copy of the map, draw some lines and operational boundaries on it, make a note of the units involved, success/fail criteria and time to be complete.

        Thats it. Its the implementation of them, the timing, the second, third fourth one that brings in a layer of depth to the game that is very very rewarding…or FREAKING frustrating as you see your plan blown away by the enemy being 1-3 steps ahead of your ability to react/plan/implement/execute

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