GBII-Case Blue Opportunity for glorious over assessment.

One of the side benefits of solo play is the delicious amount of time you can waste goofing around GETTING READY to play!!! So far I have been looking at supply chains,.examine Victory locations and approaches, possible DAY 0 moves, assessing the likelihood of their success… the list goes on. CB_NthMoscow   The other cool thing is looking at others AARS and seeing what they did. With the maps all laid out the scope and focus of their intentions become clearer. Meanwhile in VASSAL I have been taking a moment to look thru where units are situated at start of 7.1& 7.2. The above picture represents the potential Axis moves in red, major formation adjustments in Yellow and potential targets T+1 onward in black. So much fun!

CB_South-Konotop-Vor-Sevas-Rostov   In the South more of the same. I think we need to see where we are going to obtain all this supply from ‘eh!? I think in the south in 1941, the Germans likely need to sit tight unless it is the Victory target. By sitting tight I mean crushing all in your path, just with limited resources! Certainly Rostov and Sevastopol must fall. Ideally Kharkov as well and rail net to the East of there!

No mean feat. While in the North if victory in 1941 is the initial aim then we must take Moscow! Has anyone ever taking Moscow via OOS mechanisms or combat? Probably, but maybe not.

In the clear weather I want to try and press with the Nazi war machine North and South of Moscow and avoid the direct approach as long as possible. There are a couple of reasons for this.

One it focuses the effort into just 2 supply chains leaving some extra transport capacity which given my penchant for screwing shit up, I will need.

Second by pressing the flanks we invite a massive assault in the middle and make a massive counter attack more difficult on the edges of our border of operation. I’m hoping that this will mean a better reaction by the Germans when it comes.   I do want to take a look at where all the supply physically starts on map For the Axis blue blocks will denote SP tokens, white for Russian. That will help us build up some firmer ideas about where to focus efforts, and aid play. One of the previous videos shows supply net and supply net forward locations. Time to revisit in detail. Two videos are up  discussing maps, supply and Soviet Defense. Ok… more soon.

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