Gamey Retreats

Whilst playing A Victory Denied I was wondering about the rules for retreats. They appear specific. In essence :

So. Strictly speaking this means:

But it could also mean:

The horrid question then becomes then does the German player lose 1,2, or no steps.

So does the first sentence of the rule supersede the towards supply? That I think is the crux of the matter. I still recall with joy and frustration the deliberate ‘forward retreats’ of The Russian Campaign!

If a full unit is lost that is 5 VPS!! Thank goodness it is near the end of the game.

What is your take?

2 thoughts on “Gamey Retreats

  1. Most retreat rules start with “generally away from the attacker” so one of the three “xx44” should be the first hexes entered. So the orange path in the second to last picture seems fine. The ‘squeeze’ play along the face of Russian unit 33 is gamey, and only should be done it forced by no other route. If this causes losses, and the rule says that not losing men is priority, then there’s even less reason to favor it.

    So to me, the body of the rule is first, don’t suffer losses. If two paths both don’t cause losses, then retreat to the supply source. If you have a choice about overstacking, don’t,

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