Game Rescue!

Gentlemen and Ladies.
This image below is a rescue effort. A salvage of sorts. Below we see 2 games dumped into a box, as is…..over 20 years ago. Left in the open, accumulating dust and some smoke odour. I am its rescuer!

The combined games, Fire in the East and Scorched Earth need some love.

The maps have been gently wiped clean and I have on order these two products:

and one of these

I think they will get the maps to the next level of cleanliness.

But what of the counters? Is there a simple means to bulk clean? – Washing machine is out….

“Looks like a bit of work” Says Captain Understatement.

Perhaps I will hold monthly cleaning & sorting sessions!
Free beer and Pizza while we chill wiping, sorting and confirming completeness? Whoohoo. I might even let you clip while you are at it…ahem….

Who wants to come help? You get first dibs on playing it with me in 2014.

Hard to resist ain’t it!

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