Game On!


The plan so far for

Should be a hoot. 
All Wargames all the time. I’ll be hosting the LNL squad level action tourney.
LNLP also has a WaW tournament which is always hilariously fun (buckets of dice and lots of curses)
There is the big NW championship ASL tournament 20 odd fellas.
A The Hunters Tournament – which I will partake in as a noob ( I have my doubts about this game, but hope I’m wrong).
I signed up on Sunday to play Hannibal v Rome (the CDG thing), I gotta work out what the fuss is all about.
I’ll be playing my first face to face Combat Commander session.
Monsters abound!
– Along the way OCS The Blitzkrieg Legend will be going and I’m playing in that to learn from the pros.
I’ll look at 1914: Offensive à outrance
LaBat -Leipzig  will be running too so hopefully some learning alittle first hand of this game system will happen. This is hosted by Terry Doherty the designer so we will get some gossip there I hope also.
2 highlights for me will be a 2v2 battle royal of Panzer! Followed by a 10 man death match – Heroes game of LNL, where caches of weapons are on the map, and healing stations….which require a shot of some nasty NW liqour to be drunk to be used.
The designer of Red Winter Mark M(mzicky) will be doing table top demos of Operation Dauntless.
Columbia Games will be doing demos and playtesting of titles also.
Simonitch is going to be playing BfN and having dinner with me and Newell so I can ask a few questions.
Mark Walker and new owners of LNL will be on hand to demo new ‘top secret’ titles and show us the ANZAC Attack module finished up production copies.
Thomas Prowell will be there with Totaler Krieg!…I may collapse and buy it this time. 
Friday during the day I’m playing The East is Red the old SPI title with a guy called Alan Snider.
Thursday nite I think they are letting some Euro gamers in as well as the wives banded together!
A big line up, and lots of fun planned.
I’ll be posting live snippets etc.

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