Galaxy Command

A recent Kickstarter arrival is Galaxy Command now retail for ‘just’ $35.


So what do you get and how does it play (solo)?

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You might note the lunch baggie. This came with the game! I am having a packed lunch on Monday so this will come in handy….Love me a Vegemite Sambo.

2015-08-14 23.08.41I must say that kind of threw me for a second. At first I thought well, maybe this game was not that expensive I was not clear last nite when I opened the game just what I had paid for it (there was no invoice in the box for me to check).  The included cards are a standard affair, normal thickness, low sheen with some nice  texture to them. The play mats are rough card stock, by that I mean the edges are rough and the texture on the back is literally feeling unfinished.

The lunch bag of cubes are used to measure your progress, and funds available on the 5 tracks on the playmat as well as tech level upgrades.

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The packing is a thick folding box, with a sleeve, and the cards have a hand sealed plastic container which is nice.

Setting up a game takes a few minutes you pop the two mats in front of you and deal planet systems out; Far (Far and Distant are interchangeable terms), and Near systems. The goal is to align planets to your cause. In order to achieve the alignment you roll against the resistance factor [Red # on the card] and add your Military Str to the roll to check.

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Once aligned you rotate the card, and adjust your metals etc   # if needed. If you fail, fear not you can attempt to conquer again next turn or flip another card and try something easier.

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At the end the turn you collect funds and buy upgrades to your metals, military and money tracks. Resources are limited, so early game choices are hard. The last thing you do in a round  is flip an event card. Most of which are going to screw you for either money or metals.

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I found it expedient to buy up the Military after you accumulate the ability to hold more money and store more metals, other wise you will be forever biding time every other turn.

2015-08-14 22.58.47

The game plays fast provides 2 or 3 choices a turn, and you will only roll a die perhaps twice a phase. So low wristage.

After I played I went back thru the planets and noted that most of them are going to require either good rolling or a decent military, especially the Far plants that have conversion rates of 8-10. Meaning that you need to roll a 5,6 and have max Military strength to convert.

2015-08-14 22.58.47


After two or three solo plays I think the game is best suited to multi player. I hope the kids and I can crank a  few rounds out. This feels lighter than filler, and a bit deterministic. I’d be hard pressed until I play with someone to say this is worth $35.00.

Worthington is fast building a reputation with me for selling high priced games with at best medium level quality components.

This title does fit their stated mantra of light fast and fun, tho and I think it could be fun, just not awesome fun.



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