Fury in the East – by Maverick [BGG]

Вставай, страна огромная,
Вставай на смертный бой
С фашистской силой тёмною,
С проклятою ордой.
(From song “The Sacred War”, 1941)

22 June 1941, 04:00 am “Barbarossa” had began. Mass of armors, infantries and planes attack suddenly.

Germans strike one by one. Tanks and mobile infantry make breakthrough and enveloping “not ready to fight” Soviet units.

Red Army soldiers defends with bravery. 

But many units was broken, thousands of soldier, officers and generals was captured

Army Group “North” eliminated 8th, 11th armies! Road to Tallinn is clear.

Soviet staff ordered to counter-attack permanently.

Some counter-attacks was successful.

But in most of them RKKA suffered enormous losses!

Turn 2.

Panzergroups penetrated into deep of USSR territory. 

Soviet Leader has organized good counter-attack and Germans have to retreat.

STAVKA demands on Grechko to counter-attack German Panzer Corps. Grechko know that it is suicide action but ordered do it.

Results are awful. Many losses.

RKKA forms new units. New and relocated corps march to West.

Turn 3
Minsk is in Panzer “pincer”

Kaunas under siege but no profit for Germans. No losses to both sides

Wermacht attempts to seizure Lvov

Experienced Soviet Leader Timoshenko managed to German massive attack.

Lvov’s defenders inflict damage to 53th Army corps.

Romanian army begins invasion

PanzerGroup is fast moving to Leningrad.

German armors on Minsk streets.

But Hitler wants Kiev. And German tanks hurries to Kiev and Smolensk.


Part 2 tomorrow!!

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