Further details on PbP of Flat Top

I have some extra input for you to consider here:

Plans for the Japanese need to be sorted out, assuming we go with them.
-Goals and Objectives
– Plan of action for task forces or groups of task forces
-Vid shows starting location areas of the IJA units, but you guys will need to decide on a overall approach.
i.e. wait and consolidate forces, seek US CV’s out, race to Port Moresby, a bit of both?

VP outline included also.

6 thoughts on “Further details on PbP of Flat Top

  1. My thoughts, CVs move W out of circle along map seams under cover of search aircraft from Tulagi/Shortlands/seaplane base and join up with APs moving to time their arrival at PM at the beginning of night, probably on second day, this will allow the APs to unload mostly under cover of darkness and then the CVs can cover their withdrawal. The Shoho will stay behind the APs to provide them CAP for now until the CVs show up. Is that what you are looking for?

  2. Oh…. Hang in there, a post coming tomorrow with a Poll for you to choose from. Your plan is one of the options. I’ll add to it the timing to darkenss.

  3. Full court press on port morsbey, like night landing, naval force for bombarding small cap of a CV and round the clock air support from Lyie.sp?

    Remaining task forces 2 set in reaction positions behind screen of scouts and subs to id direction of counter attack from Amer. CV’s.

    Two birds one stone.

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