Fuhrer Directive #35

Directive # 35.                            6th of September 1941

The Fuhrer and Supreme Commander

    of the Armed Forces

OKW/WFSt./Abt.L (1)

Nr. 441492/41 g.Kdos

Top Secret

Guderian, paused and looked around at his staff officers and led commanders. “Yes the Fuhrer has detailed plans for us. ” He held each commanders eye for a moment. He then continued to summarize the Fuhrers Directive.

“So our target has changed,…AGAIN” said an angry voice. “How the hell are we supposed to do this when we are so close to breaking them.”


“This is not unexpected. I spoke to Hoepner, he understands as I do and you should, that since Directive 33, our orders have been……shall we say fluid?” Everyone tensed at the implied insult of the Fuhrer from Heinz.

Guderian calmly rose and moved to the operational map. “Gentlemen this time however I have a plan to achieve our obligations to the Fuhrer and finish this war before Christmas.” He picked up his pointer and began to speak.

October 1st 1941.

“Well done. We have achieved much in the last 30 days, despite unsatisfactory combat conditions. Now we are poised for a push to the capital, the enemy is depleted and we must maintain the momentum while the forecast remains clear!” Guderian said in a matter of fact tone. His trademark smirk appeared under his moustache. “I am well pleased Gentlemen, well pleased.”

Across the Eastern Front Colonel Generals and other Senior Officers briefed their war weary forces for the final push:

Force Orders:

9th Army

Transfer SS:T to 3rd PGA. Press East, preserve supply and look for a way to close Northern entry points to “MAP A.”

3PG Army

Proceed down the Dkharshehama road and clear to Beliyy road. In a Northly orientated sweep to envelope VYAZMA from the North.

SS:T upon arrival to work towards RZHEV in support of 6th and 7th Panzer who are supported by 36th Motorized. 19th exploit breaches made.

4th Army

Proceed to envelope VYAZMA, clear immediate resistance via encirclement.

4th PG Army

40XXX to move from Snopt with 2nd and 10th Panzer and 19th Pzr; + 20th as well as  SS:R to encircle and isolate Bryansk at Zhizda by 5th of October.

46XXX 5th and 11th Panzer + 3rd Motorized go from Roslavl to Spas Demyansk – onto VYAZMA

(Sth East Army Map C). Foot slog with 1st Cav to Bryansk and seek opportunities to capture SP.

2nd PG Army

3rd and 4th Panzer to Orel

17th and 18th Panzer. Review orders Ponyri – Kursk or to the South East of Kursk.

6th Army

9th Pzr and 16th Motorized – take Belgorod NE of Kharkov. Prepare to transfer to 2PG Army at or near Kursk.

1st PG Army

14th, 16th, 13th Panzer, SS:W and 60th Motorized are ordered to plan approaches to Rostov. Encirclement of immediate enemy a priority.

17th Army

Infantry to clear route to and approach Kharkov. LAH – clear approaches to Stalino/Rostov .

11th Army

Begin approach to Sevastopol.

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