3 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. One of the best maps in the hobby, IMHO. I think it provides the essence of previous maps in the series, but does so with more clarity. Even considering the relatively hilly terrain which would normally pose a problem to depict. Some may not like the yellow hue, but for me it really helps me distinguish the overall lay of the land. Top marks.

    1. The map was very functional during play as well. I’m a little surprised that this game isn’t a little more popular. It has some great beginner type scenarios and the full campaign is very playable.

      1. I have never pushed the counters around for this game (shock!), but I will keep your thoughts in mind whenever I decide to get back into La Bat. I think some BAR will happen prior to that though and I have also been eying GBACW and GBoH. Sigh!

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