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  1. Nice pic. Pretty game.

    I have never gotten into the operational Nappy games. Odd considering my interest in the campaigns. Something about the scale throws me off. And I know next to nothing about the offerings from OSG.

    I do own (and have played!) a couple of COA games though, “Jena” and “L’Armee du Nord”. Although uncomfortable at that scale, I did enjoy the idea of maneuver and concentration for a battle. Figuring out where you want to make your “stand” was appealing. I think the OSG games would offer that too.

    • indeed. OSG does that. But it is hard to ‘kill’ a unit. I’m not 1005 convinced on game mechanics. I enjoyed 1809 MUCH more than 1806. Now that I understand more about the situation and maturation of tactics. Napoleons last Victory is a great read for this game.

      • Thanks Kev.

        I was flipping through Chandler’s “The Campaigns of Napoleon” last night in order to try to refresh my memory.

    • I’m not using the hidden units while playing solo. I tried and found that it’s a lot more effort than it’s worth. Unfortunately that means that the vedettes will not come into play (and I _love_ using vedettes) while I’m playing solo.

      I do, however, have a scheduled face to face game in the not too distant future where the hidden rules will come into play. Should be a lot of fun.

  2. Jon, Napoleon at Leipzig sin’ one of the OSG operational games. It is one of the battle games. The three earlier editions of the game (one by OSG published in 1979 and two editions published by Clas of Arms) there were not fog of war rulles. The fog of war rules and cards are just an add on to the latest edition. For solo play you could just have each side draw the top card of its deck and play that card to determine coromand points for that player turn and possible randiom events.

    However, I will say that this game really comes into its own as a 4-player game, because it’s relative ease of play and the scope of the full battle.

    • I have yet to use the cards as this is the first that I’ve actually spent some serious time on the system. I figured it would be easier to get a handle on the system without some of the optional stuff. As you state though, the game is pretty easy to play, and once I’m down with my solo campaign I’m going to set up one of the smaller scenarios and give it a try with the cards. They do look like they would be a lot of fun to use.

  3. Thanks Mark. That is interesting. Sounds like solo is certainly doable, but the game sings in 2/multiplayer.

    In general, I like the idea of these kinds of games having some form hidden information. I think having cavalry out and about performing its traditional recon role is appealing. Games and/or the VASSAL mods that support them that have such a feature would get my attention.

    I had a peek at some of the videos on BGG for this game and some of its siblings. And looked and more pictures. Lovely. I will contemplate picking one one (despite the pricing – LOL!) as my curiosity is growing.

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