Format guidelines for post game write ups

While on vacation recently the Muse was engaged. Yeah!

This one:

IT suggested that some form to the post game write ups would be useful to the small handful of people who actually read what is written on the BigBoard.  IT spoke.  I acted…


Considerations post game to discuss:

Who are you and does this map to the unit scale/formation size/game scale?

Decision Space
What decisions will you make and what challenges

What information is available on map, in hand etc

Player Objectives
How do you win?

Orders of Battle

Conflict Resolution
CRT/Modes of combat and turn sequence

How much detail and what impact?

Historical Narrative
How scripted is the game? How much story is invoked? Can you Identify with role played?

Play Time
Replay value 

And finally –
Components; Rules consumption, maps, counters, physical elements.

Being a somewhat unstructured chap the challenge is real. So we shall use the following approach for now. Please chime in and share your reactions!

In each write up going forward the intent is to provide you with some comment on each aspect listed above. The aspect, for instance of OOB will be bolded and thoughts expressed around the item. There will be no rating 3/5 for OOB etc. It is assumed that if you are here and reading you want to see the game, see it played, explore strategy and tactics and ultimately like an adult use your own judgment and not be swayed by a 8/10.

Too often we lean on sparse data or dumbed down rating system to judge a game.

There are no reviews here. Just experiences both good and bad.

The first write ups will be Liberty Roads, Red Army and WaW – Destruction of Army Group Center. Video based comments will when possible also follow this mode.

I hope this makes the site a little more valuable to you.

8 thoughts on “Format guidelines for post game write ups

  1. I don’t recall if you accept or are interested in reviews from 3rd parties such as (one your few) readers?

  2. Kev, the “Anonymous” post above is me, Mike Willner, from FB and BGG. I’ll give a review a shot. Any games of particular interest?

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