Flying Pigs Games – 1st Game Kickstarter

Mark Walker is back with a KS program. Replete with Bipeds, Mechs, aliens and guns..lotsa guns the KS has some solid upgrades in the form of extra maps, and scenarios as funding levels go up. The game features diceless combat, big one inch counters and some funky art.

20% funded at launch this looks like it might go all the way.


It is the year 2037.  The home of humanity lies in ruins.  Earth’s cities are devastated and a mysterious alien invader known only as “Killers” hunts the last remnants of humanity.  Using a mixture of old weaponry and new technology, the survivors wage a guerrilla war against the occupiers.  Who will decide the fate of the planet?  As the night of man begins, humanity’s spirit to resist reawakens.

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