Flat Top?

Many of you likely visit the Grognard to grab files, scans or read errata. But lately I have been spending a minute once a week working out these challenges.

This one #664  has me stumped: Weekly challenge , while at first glance I would say 1970’s Naval game, i.e. Flat Top or CV, the map data threw me however.

Santa Isabel, if you follow the link above you can see the typical air craft art of the period.
My copy of Flat Top is still in shrink. who knows for sure? What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “Flat Top?

  1. It is indeed Flat Top, the AH version I have has graphics like that, but I am at work and can’t check for sure. But, as much as I have played that, I am 90% confident that is it.

  2. Battleline’s version of Flat Top for certain. I played the crap out of it when I was a kid, and still have it. I also got the AH version many years later on sale, so that one is unpunched. I always have loved the original cover art.

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