Flat Top Play by Poll 1000 and 1100

Good news, bad news.

The Shoho [EDIT name] launched all its air assets for defense and sent a suicide mission against the nearest enemy Task Force.

Bad news.

Shokoku is badly damaged. With no respondent damage to USN forces.

2015-03-27 23.14.40

Land forces from PMO and the carrier launched a massive strike.


Further North West the Shokaku and Zuikaku are now both spotted but US INTEL is unclear as to exact number of ships as on start Noon turn.

2015-03-27 23.15.01

Bottom Right the CV’s close in, but are spotted by US air.


Based upon enemy ship movements seen, one TF is moving North at top speed. The Army transports are still hidden, with a small group of Destroyers leading as many search craft on a  chase one hex at a time. By sailing directing into the Search Craft it has broken up their pattern of planned search.

Play by Poll play continues.

Noon brings a potential weather change and it is time for the Troop ships to start moving towards the PMO objective.

The Japanese plan remains the same. Strike the USN CV’s as hard as possible and hope for the Troop carriers to make it for a nite landing at Port Moresby.

Alternate plans, and ideas can be posted to comments for consideration on the Blog. If we have enough comment I shall create a poll for them. No comments accepted from elsewhere – Facebook/BGG/G+, unfortunately I’m too busy to check multiple locations so here is best.

On to the Noon turn.

9 thoughts on “Flat Top Play by Poll 1000 and 1100

  1. Shokaku is badly damaged by WHAT? Submarine? LBA? Carrier air? How many? Were any of our search planes up and were in a position to follow anybody home?

    PS Good to see you hadn’t forgotten this game.

  2. Just reviewed this latest Flattop post. I have a copy of the AH version and am anxious to play on VASL with a knowledgeable umpire cause I would be a newbie. I tried one early game but got wasted quickly as I forgot about the coast watchers and got tool close to their field of vision. Let me know if you can help arrange something please.

    • Jim, first up! Thanks for your service sir.
      2ndly, I am not that guy. I am not OCD enough to do it.
      On BGG I believe someone is trying to start a PBeM effort.

  3. I’m a bit confused. You say the Shokaku, yet the counter on the map, and my experience with Coral Sea is that the CVL Shoho is badly damaged. Did I miss something in the past videos?

  4. What is the location of the fleet carriers Is that the task force in 3327? If so, I vote for an immediate strike against the US carrier(s) while their planes will be occupied getting rearmed & refueled. In most cases the force who strikes first will have the advantage throughout.

  5. OK….remembering I’m a newbie with only one aborted maeuver under my belt….but here goes…. I’m a good defense is best offense kind of guy….. i.e. I would attempt to protect my most important assets as a priority…. attempt air interception where I could have superiority tactically…Is the April 5 map current position for both sides?

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