Flat Top 1300-1600 [Play by Poll]

Well, the Noon attack on the Shokaku, left it DiW. This mean effort to draw the USN into battle worked a little too well and did not reveal the exact location of both of the CV’s. Land based bombers hit the Shoho hard.

2015-04-22 15.40.40

As the two primary CV’s were exposed by search they elected to close on the last know logical location of at least on of the USN CV’s ( which would end up being the Lexington).

The IJN launched a major assault on the Lex, which had advance warning of the launch due to the circling search craft around  TF 6&12 the IJN forces. They steam towards Milne bay seeking a bit of cover from Port Moresby based air that is refitting.

2015-04-22 15.41.04

At 1400 the  Yorktown, launched an all raid on the two groups as they passed thru Jomard straits. This coincides with the IJN attack on the Lex and both sides CV’s take a beating.

The Lex takes two hits.  The Shokaku is sunk!

At 1500 the AP transports are spotted by returning search craft and the jig is up!

I think that the game is for the most part done. I did not see real exciting choices for all of you to make regarding the overall Japanese plan, as major changes would have little effect. You either took the attack on the chin and did not pre empt or you went for what you knew hoping the other Carrier was out of range.

2015-04-22 15.41.26

The game changer was the excellent PMO attack by the land based bombers. Who rolled like rock stars. All in all a tense little battle for the Coral Seas. Suffice to say I don’t see how IJN would get their landing troops to the VP location in time or in good shape now that the USN has a bead on them. Rather than do a massive sea battle I think stopping here is a good idea.





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