Flat Top 0500-0600 [Play by Poll]

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2015-01-29 11.35.25

As the sun crests the horizon, US P-39 aircraft head aloft over Port Moresby.
To their surprise as the sun sheds its harsh light across the horizon, Zeros fall from the clouds.


West of the Jomard Passage, Japanese and American search craft criss cross the sky.  Suddenly p39’s appear seeking to engage the search craft . Carrier launch!

2015-01-29 22.53.06


Catalina’s close in on the Shoho [50%-200% accuracy of ship numbers reported to USN].

2015-01-31 11.52.53

Over Port Mo. Zeros drop 2 steps of the interceptors  for one loss of their own. The Nell’s begin their high altitude bomb run. The bombs fall wide of the mark. Shells burst on and around the airfield. No damage is done, they resolve to return at low altitude next time.

IJN Mavis long range craft sense two groups of ships.

2015-01-31 10.24.55

Numbers are not accurate, and they dare not close yet to ascertain exact details. In fact as one Mavis circled back it spotted a 2nd Naval force  apparently smaller group of ships. Excited chatter breaks out over the radio net. Could this be the two groups of CV’s?

2015-01-31 11.30.03

Shoho is spotted  however the AP carriers have indeed managed to avoid detection for now. The USAAF units all held position in 0500 turn and then moved during daylight @ 0600.

2015-01-31 11.31.20

oh oh, Shoho!

On the Eastern half of the map two Catalinas are making a bee line pattern across likely areas where the IJN forces could be.

Intercepts must happen with in 2 hexes of a naval unit, so air to air won’t be a problem until they close in on the CV’s.

IJN Plan:

  • Carry out a 2nd wave attack on PMO.
  • Try to shadow the two task forces found.
  • Prepare the Shoho to be attacked by the Vessels found. Continue to stall for the AP ships until the IJN CV’s can close and engage the USN.
  • Plan Orange will rely on arriving with the AP’s at dark in Port Moresby and unloading for as many turns as possible.

Opportunity to chime in here and adjust the plan if you have solid alternatives that still permit Plan Orange to be the focus.

Submit in Comments section, please leave a BGG name, so I can reward useful tips with some GG!

Note I am travelling Wed thru Sunday so not much will be happening during the next week to ten days.


6 thoughts on “Flat Top 0500-0600 [Play by Poll]

  1. BGG name is BattleBrotherBob

    I’d say push the attack on PMO first priority.

    Then do what you can to shadow carrier group. They may not even be aware that we are in the area.

  2. Sure, LBA should hit PMO.

    Shadow the surface ships, too. One thing I’m not sure of are the ranges here. Do we have sea-based assets (ie cruiser floatplanes) to back up the Mavis’? Not 100% sure we want to do this even if possible– if they see a Mavis shadowing them it’s no big deal. If they see a cruiser scout over their fleet they might look harder for our fleet. Of course their &*%^#$ codebreakers probably know everything there is to know already.

    Protect Shoho. Another range question– can we CAP Shoho with Zeroes from the big CVs? If we lose Shoho we lose Shoho, but maybe we can bleed US carrier air so it will not be as big a threat to OUR CVs later on.

    Just putting all this out for thought.

    ‘geek name same one I’m using here.

  3. Plan sounds good. For second wave at PMO take care the Americans could have a CAP flying over the base and interceptors ready to take off, so bring enough escorts.

    If the Shoho spotters were ship based planes, some scouting is due to locate the US CVs. Avoid direct confrontation until the IJN is ready.

    Plan Orange still sounds like doable.

  4. Stick to the plan. If we can locate the US carriers then the sacrifice of to Shoho will be worth it. marticabre makes a good point about following up their spotters . Same details on BGG.

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