5 thoughts on “Fit to Fight 2

  1. Hey Kev, I’m down with fit to fight! Somewhat different situation with me….I was marathoner & century cyclist until 2 years ago when I fucked up my right knee snowboarding with my kids….2 unsuccessful knee surgeries and in the meantime I have done fuck all (except play wargames) so first time in my life (at 50) I have become an out of shape fat fuck. I have always hated swimming, but now I have no choice but to try as running and other impact exercise is completely out of the question for me.

    Keep us motivated!!

    Stratosaur (Chris) in SF.

    1. Chris, Go for it man. I hear you on the ‘changes’ we go thru. I blew my ankles as a 30 yr old, then my right knee and even my left shoulder. Finding sports to play or exercises I can do consistently has been a challenge.
      I turned to that hot Yoga stuff, but it became expensive!

      So now I swim and hit the football field for mild exercise while my eldest does his mandatory school work outs twice a week @ 7am.

      Enjoy the swimming. I find it very relaxing.

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