First Clash

“Can you believe this shit ? ” Krockover chirped for the 5th time in as many minutes into his headset as he steered the new M1 Abrams down the wooded road. Muttering as he peered into his vision blocks [periscopes] that supplemented the DID nav system. We get the shit jobs- Always.

“Can you believe this mother fricken shit?” he repeated.

The Commander Newell chuckled and said “Overton can you reach Krockovers head with your foot? Gunner Overton laughed from the right side of the turret basket and replied “Sure Sarge how hard you want me to smack him…?.” Everyone chuckled. In the recliner drivers position Krockover was an easy target! “Remember gentleman – No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great duty first!”

As one they repeated the Big Red Ones mantra over the roar of the accelerating turbine engines and all shouted its unofficial post script. “Then beers and bitches!

Newell, Overton, Krockover and Gade the Loader were all part of a lead elements pulled from the front line defenses East of Wurzburg to recon in force with the rest of the company. Nervous farmers claimed to have seen tanks and Soviets flags. Tensions had heightened with several skirmishes in the VII Corps sector between allegedly rogue Czech forces. The Soviets and their friends were probing. In response NATO had activated forward deployment and stepped up the patrolling. A few weeks ago WWIII looked imminent, now it was in full swing!

East of Wurzburg was still quiet, and as such, Newell and his men were part of a company strong recon to inspect the river line just a klick or so away from their current position.

As they broke through the thick trees and into daylight, Newell popped out of the hatch and scanned the hills in the distance. Krockover, began to accelerate towards to bridge just 1200m away.

“Alert RED” Came across the company net.

Overton loaded APFSDS without being asked, Krockover accelerated and made diversionary jig moves, the other tanks, M1’s, M60A3’s all did the same, rolling across the thick fields and low brush.

Newell saw it first.

“Incoming Songster, by the looks of it ,” He slammed the hatch down. ” reverse 100m if I were you Krockover! Seems like our little Russian friends are over eager at that range. ” he said dryly.

Company net ” BRAVO, 4 tanks moving South at bridge [2V7] East of River . Fire”

Seconds later the long range ATGM shot ranged in on Newells tank. [T80 firing from 4U3 > 7L4 range 2500m {Point Blank} -1 row for Overwatch]

The Songster missile arced in towards the M1 taking it front on exploding on the hull. [d100: 04/location 1d10: 9 Hull Front, Variable # +3. Net ATGM penetration factors of 144.]

The M1 shudders, and comes to halt.

[CE armour protection x2. Base 95. = 190, No penetration, no damage.]

Newell, calmly says to Overton ” T72, 1400m  0 degrees; FIRE ”

[7L6> 2U8 14 hex range. +1 NATO +1 Optics. To Hit table 84 /100 or less]

“Firing,.. hit!” says Overton, almost before the M1 has finished it recoil! “Looks like Turret front…..shit….what…she stopped last second! –MISS. RELOAD Gade !!!”

[%:82 HIT, /4 Turret Front. SPFSDS Penetration rate 97 KE. The T-72 has Armour rate 90. Variable roll – 2d10:1 & 2 = -15 factors to Penetration!!. 82 is less than 90 no penetration].

” ahh..Sarge…I think we pissed him and his buddy off they are adjusting elevation guys ” chimes in Krockover.

The two t-72’s return fire. [Short range, +1 for laser needing 77 to hit.]

“Move it Krock, move it” says Newell. He is more concerned about the closer range 72’s than the T-80 firing Songsters.

The dual muzzle blasts are blinding even at this range. Newell instinctively braces. The shots scream by. Missing [ rolling: 80 and 87 respectively].

Company Net: ALERT 3 tanks location Echo-2 Village.

Newell ” ALERT 2 tanks WEST of River headed South”

” Can you believe this shit….can you” says Krockover.

Turn 3 of 15 next

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