First Clash – Turns 4-5 [MBT]

The training and luck of the US forces holds and they snap into action, Mosley and his men fire in rapid succession.

The Tanker #2 shoots penetrates but does no damage! Then Mosley sights in!

[Map 2:T4 – I4 the tank has Armour rating of 85 on Hull Front Range 10, = Short range, net +1 rows. Needs a 77 to hit: 54%/7/1&6/4 – Hit, Hull Front, -12 Penetration pts , Damage is KO. Penetration 119 -12 > 85 the shot penetrates]

Two T-80’s fire at Mosely’s tank [M1A1]:

In an awfully symmetrical moment Mosley see the flash of both barrels at the same moment he feels the rounds hit from the turret control. The two APFSDS rounds slam into his vehicle.

[Medium range 86 penetration for both first attack: 14/9/1&8/10

Hit, HF,-9+5 = 82 Penetration points on a rising shot vs 107 HF NO PENETRATION!

2nd attack – 33/9/- /10 HF shot also -2 No penetration. ]

The smell of oil and steel still surrounds him as he opens his eyes….alive. That’s three shots we have taken and survived… how many more can we take? He wonders.

Near the river Newell spots the T-72 hiding behind the knocked out hull of his team mate. Too slow to react and face front on he takes a round to the front side of his turret that deflects the blast even at short range!

Newell can see past the T-72 and notes the friendly in the distance. ” Check Fire, Check Fire FRIENDLIES”

A quick exchange of messages clarifies unit locations and profiles.

The Soviets survey the situation:

Turn 5

Captain Curtis snapped off an order “Target point blank – T-72” [see above]

“Almost before the words were out of his mouth a reply echoed in a crisp but thick southern drawl “iiiidentifiiiied” said Gunner Balod.

“APFSDS Ready”

“on the waaahy” said Balod. The tank rocked gently on its torsion suspension. “Hit ….shit….reload, reload.” said Balod. Sure enough as the shell explosion cleared the T-72 sat there, askew from the impact but somehow intact!

[Result shot: Pltn 3 the M1 Abrams – fires Point Blank at the rear of the T-72! 110v 47 on penetration. M1 41/8/4&8/1 à NO DAMAGE! ]

Platoon Net: ” Ahh hey there Mike, tell Balod to relax in his fancy new tank. We got this, Let me show you” Sargent Wineland left the comms open ” SABOT UP, BRAVO – Range butt close. Gunner fire : FIRE”

The round sailed over the top of the T-72.

[Tank Commander Wineland’s shot: T1: 96%…no need to roll further.. MISS.

Sergeant Reame chimed in “Stop fucking around there are t-80s in the woods, damn it . Buchanan TARGET Point Blank – FIRE when ready”

Tank Commander Reame’s shot T2 : 05% – now we talking. Hits on the rear hull, where armour is just 24 factors strong vs the 96 point shot! A 6 is rolled for a KO!]

“Ohh crap, incoming. Said Wineland, Smoke discharge. Reame; move, move!

Reames smoke dischargers malfuncton. The Songster ATGM hurtles across the open ground. They watch in horribly slow motion as the missile approaches Reames tank.

[USA rolls up next activation]

Meanwhile the rest of Newells platoon was also targeting the lone T-72, but held off in case of friendly fire. The flank tank guarding Newells rear, spots and sights in on the lone T-64 in Echo-2.

[P Blank range 15/7/0&9/5 – KO HF 85 vs 136! Short halt shot].KO] – They then reverse up, as they see the streak of an ATGM leave the woods nearby.

The T-64 adds the flames!

As the M1 reverses it comes under fire!!! The 2 T-80s’ zero in on them. “Incoming incoming” The M! accelerates in reverse.

The T-80 Pltn fires, the first tank shoots at the M1:

[ATGM Songster – Penetration of 144 at Short range. -1 column 63% to hit chance.

52/2/3&5/2 Hit Front CEx2 208 – no penetration 144 is < 208. {this might not be accurate…}]

Back over near Reame and Winehouse that Songster round coming at the M60A3 arrives! ( Reames tank in 2EE4). [ 15% penetration 144 vs 48 as CE rating is x1. BU! ]

In a ball of flames Reame and his men never stood a chance.  A chill settles over the platoon. The banter dies. Anger fills each tank.

The two remaining M60A3 platoons back up. – Retreat!

Situation end of Turn 5

VP count US 1315 vs Soviet 1086

Scenario Situation Note:

The US requires 1 or two more kills or one 1VP location and to NOT lose any more units. They could then force the Soviets over to the offensive, in order to reduce the VP margin and or gain VP’s. The lighter weaker tanks are all dead, just the 6 dread T-80’s remain.

The US can set ambush in the last two VP locations and drown the T-80’s in fire, on the angles of approach.

Near the center of the map the M1 and M1A1’s control the battle space and can wait for the Soviets to move, while hunting lone units at the far edge of Echo-2.

The Soviet player must avoid losses and perhaps seek an alternate route to victory.

We do need to do a Morale check as the Soviets have reached their CP limit! A Pass here will mean their fire effectiveness goes to the crap house. Meaning its pretty much game over.

[Morale check = Broken Once the Cohesion Point level is reached a Nation specific morale check is required. The Soviets have lost 8 units. The US 2. Each move or order from now on would require morale checks and while the 5 T-80’s could probable handle the M60A3’s I doubt the A3’s and the M1 series tanks combined would have much trouble dispatching the remaining forces of the enemy] .

As the last T-64 brews up in Echo-2, the Soviet advance falters. Hull down in the woods they stage an overwatch covered withdrawal End Scenario

Company net chatter, reaches a crescendo, as the men celebrate being alive. Now the hunt for survivors and a taking stock of the enemy’s capabilities will quickly take place, re arm, repair, reload and back into battle. The war has a long way to go.

Krockover, removes shaking hands from the motorcycle like steering and cracks his neck to one side. Wiping beads of perspiration from his forehead,  he mutters… “Can you believe this shit?” one more time. The crew bursts into laughter.

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