First Clash Scn Intro, [mod] MBT

2016-07-24 23.34.52

So here we go. It would seem to me that the Yanks must have been caught flat footed. They are not in prepared positions. So it is a race thru the weld of the “Gap” for the elements of the VII Corps’s 1st Division.  They face off against the 210th Motor Rifle Regiment from the 48th MR Division & what Soviet attack in complete with out a Guards Tank Division ( 15th) of the Soviet Army.2016-07-24 23.32.05

Both teams race to secure key bridges, sans infantry support [this is an intro scenario for the Basic game that we will spice up a bit.]2016-07-24 23.31.44

The river line holds several bridges and two fords (1 @ each side). Brew Ups and Ko’s count for VP’s also.

We added an ATGM unit and a spicy mix of tanks for each side.2016-07-24 23.31.35

Soviets drew short straw for setup – they went first. The load one side of the map the US reciprocate by loading up on the other opposite side. We will use a butt load the size of Janet Jackson’s backside worth of Advanced Rules.

15 Turns. Starting now!

2 thoughts on “First Clash Scn Intro, [mod] MBT

  1. Let’s see what happens. I’m glad that the US mix is M-60A3’s and M1A1’s rather than M-60A3’s and M-1’s (the stupid 105mm configuration rather than 120mm, the one time we should NOT have bought American).

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