Finnish Civil War…Save this game from its MAP Join the movement!


Its rare to say this or to do this, but alas an intervention may be required…

It seems a rogue artist has demolished a game. Demolished I say. So completely, so thoroughly, so absolutely that there is no redemption. None. This game will never be know save for its cringe worthy art. [Is this a clever ploy by Compass Games marketing to try and steal the crown for worst map ever? Notoriety has a certain cachet does it not?

Surely the oh so gentle Mr Train is not a co conspirator? Would he stoop to such lengths to have his name in lights? Surely not!

This ladies and gents is the 2nd worst map I have ever seen. Brian’s design is something we may never experience due to the dis orientating, nauseating, discordant disaster that is this map:


This is the URL for ordering. I DARE YOU TOO!

As one astute BigBoard reader noted it is  ” top-down photoreal elements used for water features, set against 2D profiles of trees and deer, with isometric views of some cities, or fortresses or whatever. It’s a pretty horrifying mishmash of perspectives and graphic styles for one map.”

What to do? It is expected to be released December 14th? So surely poor subscribers are now anxiously bracing for this hideous object de arte to arrive and quickly douse it in flammables upon receipt.



What if those that have ordered the game or those that are interested email Compass Games or called them and SAID “NO!! We won’t stand for it?’ hmmm…Could we? Should we?

What if we started a go fund me for a few hundred dollars to have the map re done? How hard could that be?

Well damn it all lets find out.

Thus on the bigboard facebook page [look for the event titled Finnish Civil War map Rescue] and here register your unease and lets request a new map from a new artist!

Or commission a map to be done and I’ll make them available from here somehow and print them myself.

It can be done people. At worst even if we got a bloody PDF to print out it would be better than this 7 year olds one eyed attempt at color by numbers.







8 thoughts on “Finnish Civil War…Save this game from its MAP Join the movement!

  1. Worst map I’ve ever seen. But I don’t have time to make a better one myself. Seems silly to raise a hue and cry without having an alternate solution in hand. Why not throw some money into a pot and hold a “design a better map” competition? The worst that could happen is that Compass tells everyone to go pound sand and you post it somewhere as a PDF.

    • I am doing something about it.
      Re Read the bottom of the post. If there is enough interest I am going to run a Go Fund Me…to raise the money to have 1 of two artists do the map.
      I have two people committed to making a new map if we get the funds….Supporters will get a copy of the map, others can buy it from this site.
      Now your idea of a competition has lots of merit. Hmm

  2. Sorry. I thought you were just spitballing there at the end. Good on you! Design competitions are sometimes hit or miss but can really turn out great. Take some time and write an exacting spec and it will probably work out.

    • attah boy! WE have a quiet few interested. Lots of folks are asking me..well is the game worth it.!! We dont know and cant know with this hideous thing

  3. so did you ever run your go fund me for a new map? I know this was about 8 months ago, but interesting that something so hideous ever made it to sun light.

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