Final Poll for adjustment of Allied forces: Austerlitz

The Polls are close to being closed:

So, from the past weeks votes we have basically agreed to the historical French Orders.

We have however rejected out of hand the less ideal orders for the Allies.
1st and 2nd column should advance and capture Telnitz and Sokolnitz. by a 70/30 margin.

With the 3rd column advancing upon the Pheasant Garden.

However the attack upon the Stanton Redoubt by the Right Wing is a close call – 55/46 Y/N.

The Allied Cav move across Pratzen was rejected 20/80.

50% believe that the Russian Guard should stay in Reserve. But only 60/40 believe the Allies should attack Kolbelnitz.

Thus I think we will offer a Poll for The Cavalry. Stanton Redoubt needs a few more votes. If it moves decisively we can adjust.

The Poll will include the option for Allied Cav to support:

The Attack on Telnitz or Sokolnitz.


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