Fields of Despair Designer Update

While we are on the topic of World War I – Kurt provided me with a snap shot and brief details with a promise of more to come, of his solo AI system for FoD!

From Kurt:
“I am working on a 100% solitaire scenario for Fields of Despair.  [which is sitting at 403 on the P500..come on guys lets get this one done-Kev]

Without going into too much detail, the solo player will play the Allies in 1917-18. The Central Powers have a combination of charts, die rolls and chit draws that keep their information secret and on the move.


The system is in development and shows promise. The game beat me this weekend.”

Sounds like a cool add on to the base game and a likely occurrence for more and more game to have this as a integral part of the game allowing true solo play. I think we can thank the AI assisted game play mechanics from the COIN series for these evolutions.

Hey!! At least say something! ;)