Academy Games, the same company that fretted about providing modules for owners on VASSAL on the internet and people stealing their IP….has well changed!
With their third kickstarter now at 500% of budget what do you say?

I say congratulations.

I am not a Euroboard gamer but these guys appear to have cracked the code. See here:

With an average price of $77 per copy based on funds raised to date the product Fief looks to be a solid winner for them financially.

But wait I hear you say, what about all of those pesky add ons?
Most of the add ons are inexpensive cards, counters or guides! So each additional $5k raised more than pays for itself. This is KS done right. AS a buyer you feel like you are obtaining something that not many others will have, and value for money.
For Academy it is a capital injection and with the right Chinese printer they can produce this game with margin to spare.

Am I suggesting you go out and order? No. But lets look and watch closely as more companies turn to Kickstarter to generate capital to build their games. To date it has been a mixed bag of success, failure and scraping over the line.