Fallen Eagles Images of game play

Prussian Pounding or some such Scenario 3!!

French forces attempt to hold back the Prussian juggernaut in a four turn scenario.

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At start positions.


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At the end of turn two the Prussians have dug a hole in the French command, but the township is secured by the Young Guard, whose first one or two melees settled down the enthusiastic Prussian advance. The northern approach is holding as the French trade space for time, having seen the futility of attacking.


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By mid way thru the 3rd turn the Prussians have secure only 3 of the required 7 VP locations and thankfully losses don’t count toward VP’s for the French. some attacks have done horribly wrong for the Prussians, while French luck holds with activation and morale (QFT) rolls.

The Guard are immovable from the Village in the time left. With only one or two attack left, the Prussians are not going to sneak a unit by (we deemed racing a unit off board in a gamey fashion to be labelled gay and not allowed), thus a French win.

End of Scenario later turn three:

2015-08-18 20.17.39


I will have a break down on how the game works and what is cool about it tomorrow. Note that I think this would be categorized in the grand scheme of things as more authentic Napoleonic battle play than OSG’s Napoleonic Battle Library, as complex as say┬áJours de Glorie but with more refined rules and game play than that. Fallen Eagles is not a Wellington’s Victory, La Batt, Gamers- NBS or Prazten Editions more detailed look at tactical Napoleonic combat. It is certainly meatier than the smaller lighter system such as Nap 20 from Victory Games.

Rather this system focus’ on grand tactics, command and maneuver, electing to let you command the forces and assumes a level of ‘dont be stupid’ from its Divisional/Regimental Leaders.

Full battle of Waterloo to come.

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    • Short answer is it is very good in the level of abstraction applied to remove the mind numbness that can occur with Nappy Era games. It may go 1 step too far tho.

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