“Space Marines, Blood Angels, Squad Cyrano the honor this day goes to you!” Said the Sarge over the inter squad net, separate from the Battlenet node. “Hooha” they replied in unison.


Today is a glorious day in Space Marine Lore. For today we have been given the esteemed honor to take the fight to the spawn of evil, to Protect and Serve.

“Our single mission to day is to die with Honor.” He continued. In unison each Space Marines left foot rose ponderously and stamped down. The sound sent a shiver through the Sarge. Together they roared “Honor and Glory to the Emperor!”

“We live to Serve”

The Imperium requires us to seal off the junction near the cryogenic cluster you see on your heads up display. Today is a good day Marines. The Blood Angels lost on this SpaceHulk and millennia ago will be avenged by us! The roar deafened the Sargeant, he quickly damped down his volume and increased mute.

“Move out.” Came the word from the techmarine coordination officer.

The hulk was dark in areas, headlights, thermal registers and infrared lead the way for the Space Marine Squad as the quickly secured areas around the cryo sub systems.

“Area Secure”

Dull light reflected off their ceramite armor. The exoskeleton clad warriors kept their gear in top shape, but after long tours of duty even the best maintenance showed thru. Repaired gouges from Genestealers showed.

Roughhewn patch jobs were evident were paint jobs were not allowed the proper time to cure. Their weapons were a different story.

The Stormbolter each terminator class warrior carried however glistened in the dull light. Their dual barrels and ammo chains were clean and primed.

Then came that awful sound.


Contact 120m , multiple targets, came in from T2.

“They approach”

“Blip, Blip”

That dread sound.

Contact 300m, unidentified targets approaching at speed. Said T3.

The Sarge checked in with his Flamer – T5 and T1. “I serve and protect. You are too spread out. Go to overwatch and shoot anything that moves.

“For the Emperor, for the Blood Angels.”

The automatic response came – “We Serve and Protect”

The Sarge fired first. “It is time” he said thru the roar of the bolter.

“Take that scourge of space! You will bow to me Demon!” Gore splattered walls. Acid burned.

“I Serve,” said T2. “They die, upon my Storm Bolter, 3 down”….Jam…..

” Engaging the enemy” T5 said. “Peace be upon your Brother clear your jam.”

The Sarge fired continuously,…. jam. “Tho they close upon me I shall not waver”.

Brother fear not, the Imperial Pyshic power fills my aim with virtue said T4. “3 down”

“Faith has restored my weapon, kill them all”….

“Fire at will, T2 watch your rear, the filth seek to trap you”

The Sarge could feel the vibration of T2 turning, he waited to hear the sound of his ‘bolter eviscerating Genies.

Bolts flared, Genestealers or Genies exploded, in massive cross fires of acidic blood and body parts like some mythical monster their innards sprayed the walls of the SpaceHulk.

“Eat Bolt Gun” Said T4, “For the Imperium”







Clearing Jams.




Firing resumes.

“Blip, Blip, Blip”

Jamming continues. “Fear Not Brothers”


Alien forms skitter. Scrambling, flooding over their fallen.

20..21..23..25..27..The Blood Angels lose count.

Double load out of ammo, drops to abort levels.

“The Enemy attack at their peril”

They stand.






Space Marines.

“They come”

Battlenet life signs wink out one by one.

Silence, or no?

A single heart rate in a steady rhythm.

A lone man and his sword, still rending limbs, severing claws, fighting, fearlessly.

Today is a glorious day.

Flat line……………………………………………………….



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    • Rye! Templeton Small Batch.
      Yes, prone if you are not careful, however the design was too evocative of Space to not include it for the game!!!

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