Euro Gamer Cheating Exposed at World Championship!!!

Read the full horrifying story here!!! The Euro gaming world is in a tizz.  Kenneth Heilfron from the USA was award First Prize due to a chap CHEATING!!!!… Erwin Pauelsen appeared to have won the final match and was awarded the Golden Train Trophy, only to be stripped of his prize!


Is this the cheater dude?


Last seen celebrating his win and buying drinks for one and all, the Ticket to Ride World champ attracted a lot of attention for his amazing win!

All we know is he possibly lives here:  Hilversum, The Netherlands, likes to run, likes drink beer, works for 999 Games and has a penchant for Preppy west coast apparel…oh and sweeping cards.

Well who knew that Euro gaming was so serious!? I thought it was just those pesky wargamers hell bent on rules manipulation, cocked dice and fast rolling that caused the universe to be so twisted. Turns out conflict free, choo choo games bring out the worst in people too! 😉




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