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  1. Ethan,

    The Brave 114th are on the march. They have heard the message, and decided its time to kick arse and take names.

    THESE GUYS DONT BELONG!!!!!!!!!!Onwards and Upwards 1640

    Ethan McKinney says:

  2. “MG- 26.12.”

    Yeah, so that one didn’t give crossfire. (I created the current crossfire rule from whole cloth, so I tend to pick up on it!)

    *** Very cool!

    Battalion morale–yeah, I needed to ask … Sometimes you get a unit that’s battered everywhere, but hasn’t lost units. Artillery does that a lot. (Throw in a photo of the Bn Morale sheets some time?)

    Soviet Bn Morale 1500

    “Rockets red glare at 0700. like it or not.”  **LOL**

    I don’t understand why you have a rocket attack plotted on Travino at a time when you would might already control it … 185th arrives at 1600 on the 29th and you have the rockets firing at 0700 on the 30th?

    *** Dude I wrote this long reply and the battery went flat… Ends up – its only if I roll a 1 that attack sheets end on a night turn on the 29th….Ugh. I was thinking  I would get shut down on my night evening attack.  I now see its 1 in 6 chance on the first nite.  I wrote a summary of all the rules for GD ’42, I missed physically looking at the sheet to see what the rolls actually were…DUH!

    I’m such a:

    Homer. Doah!

    So I would have called a rocket attack for …ummmm now.

    I thought it was more difficult to fight at night.

    I’m just going to adjust that and be done with it Rockets will be fired at some point earlier, lesson learned.  Now watch me roll a one on the first night turn for Soviets. :).   This is why solo rocks!:)

    Thanks for all the insights. I’m really digging the series. This campaign is not as daunting as I thought…although I did just put about a 50 units on the board…..yikes. ***

    Thanks for the tip on images. Didn’t realize that you’d posted them to your BGG Gallery.

    ***No problemo. Easiest way since I have to pay wordpress for storage, this way I link to the pics which are then scalable. ***
    -Yikes. Yep. I just kept reading. Thats how desperate I thought the Soviets were!

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  1. I think Smirnoff really was hitting the bottle! 144 RB doesn’t enter until the afternoon of the 2nd! (It’s not part of the 185 RD.)

    Soviet Bn Morale is a problem, but not as out of hand as it might be … 16 Tk definitely got unlucky with its failure roll (unless it’s rolled well for recovery). The Soviets were definitely unlucky to have all three tank formations fail.

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