Enter the Cassino!

The Battle for Cassino has more controversy than some battles for a variety of reasons. But we can look at all that another day. For now we admire, reminisce and look at S&T #71.
2014-01-30 15.59.44

The magazine as usual has wonderful long article on the topic. Plus an add for Ice War!! Love it!


The full color map uses several colors to create the pancake gradient of the time.

2014-01-30 15.59.37


The Monastery at the top of the Gustav line was a commanding d

efensive position continually pounded by Allied arty.

2014-01-30 16.00.07


Both sides armed to the teeth, how was this battle going to be won by the Allies?





I can imagine the men dashing across steep terrain, attempting to wind their way up hill.

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Expect a play of this when we arrive in March 1944 in our Chronological play of WWII. I recall this as a fairly new player being a interesting puzzle to solve and quiet different from my earlier games that were more Operational/Strategic in scale. In fact after all these years I still have one of the line of sight charts from the game, but not the game itself.

That has now changed! We are reunited, for better or worse.


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