Empire of the Sun – 1943

In a last ditch effort to learn Empire of the Sun system, I turn to Chuck Tewksbury. Who graciously slaughtered my humble rice eating Samurai….bastard.


However their deaths were not in vain…as I learned much and I think broke thru the @Mark Herman and @GMT Games , mystic barrier of Empire of the Sun.
I now understand at a basic level the system, why it is so replay rich, why it captures peoples attention and why it is so ‘deep’.

To master the game you must master rule mechanics and systems. A player must – know how to do what you need to do, but more importantly – Know what you are CAPABLE of.

What your ENEMY is capable of.

Sounds simple….umm no.

Then once you know these things. Then the mastery of the hand of cards vs Political Will of the Allies begins to expose itself.

Then the real lessons and the real learning kicks in.

Subtle, deep, rich and thought provoking.

Also frustrating as hell as a noob.

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  1. Nice post!!! And a reminder… I’ve got this, Plan Orange and the South Pacific games in this system, and I’ve gotta play all of ’em before I shuffle off this mortal coil!!

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