EFS – Turn 12 notes

Game play on Eastern Front Series – Barbarossa Army Group South Module…phew…

@ Game Turn 12. Vid #7.



8 thoughts on “EFS – Turn 12 notes

  1. Nice to see these videos of EFS, but this one is under-prepared. BEFORE doing the recording you should have proper notes of what happened and what you are going to say.

    Without that it is a badly-missed opportunity.

    1. Let me rephrase my response as it probably comes off the wrong way. There are choices to be made when blogging and gaming. I play a fair few games. I blog or video nearly all of it. At some point the decisions I make about what prep is done, how much video editing I do, how much ‘creative’ video or writing I do is weighed against my age and the # of gmaes yet to be played…. So scripting is out. I would not stick to the script anyway. I never have – even presenting at conferences to 100’s of people.

      1. Keep doing what you are doing Kev any old way you want for as long as it makes you happy. I am just thankful to be along for the ride. 🙂


  2. As someone with a recent interest in getting into the EFS soon, I think the video is fine. I guess I just don’t understand the ‘unprepared’ comment. It’s great when you catch something you overlooked. It’s actually a helpful reminder for next time your in a similar situation.

  3. Hi Kev, I really enjoy your videos and articles. I ordered Red Typhoon…can’t wait to get that on the table! Question: Which EFS game should I start with? I P500 ordered the AG Center, but was that the right choice as the one to get started with? Best regards David

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