Edge of the World

Mr Kinner and I tune into OCS. Wherein I, novice OCS player, attempt to teach the mysteries and wonders of enlightned Logistical truck moving in the OCS holy grail…wait for it…cur Angels Voices…Case Blue!!!

The Soviets start off skinny and it dont get much better. But the Germans are equally stretched here.

In the first turn we talk about how to lunge forward, think about supply and not worry too much about Reserve movement.

Tony comes up with this in his first turn:

Which is not bad. But as any OCS player will know he can do better. We reset and discuss Reserve movement and how it works. Basically it is giving you a 25% movement bonus split across the turn cycle. 25% in move cycle and 100% of the movement rate in the Exploit phase. This nicely demonstrates and armies capability to move any type of unit to take advantage of holes in the line post combat.

In the mean time, I use the limited air and DG his unit that might have been thinking about attacking me, and I also Interdict or ‘train bust’ his road.

I experiment with some counter attack options in another replay of turn 1:

The Germans start out this time much more aggressively. However I feel the desire to stay close together here is limiting the ‘potential’. It is a couple of turns before the Germans recall they can trace supply on NON converted rail hexes here…. Which makes a big difference. So that could also explain the tentative nature of the openings. The Soviets do get some licks in. They DG offensive units for the price of a air step. Which will be replaced in the next turn.

This results in a unit kill against the unit from 23rd Pzr.

We settle into a quick cadence now despite lots of timing breaks of up to two weeks. Tony is a fast learner and coming to grips with the system.

In the 15th of August turn the Soviets take initiative and move quickly to build hedgehogs, and take up positions in solid defensive terrain.

We spend a fair bit of time talking thru options. If you fuel, my belief is have a plan as to where they go and what they do. Otherwise SIT. After a few alternatives are explored the Germans settle on a deeper move. The Soviets [me] move to the wrong hex and fall out of trace…duh. This however is a great lesson in how supply works, so rather than mulligan we simple carry on demonstrating the power of the Attrition roll on sub 4/5 rated units.

The Germans continue to advance, with Soviets creeping back, and in some areas building up deeper or richer defenses.

Hedgehogs appear in the rough terrain  NW of the valley. While further digging occurs in and around Grozny. Below, I think the Germans might have been able to snag the Eastern defender on the rail. Which can now sneak out and back to another defensive location. The Germans are learning fast, so far only 1 combat!

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