Drive on Paris p5

Turn 12 September 17-20

German Player

Two units stacked with Bulow’s HQ are reconstituted. Two more divisions with Beseler are returned to full-strength. The 2nd Guard with General Kluck’s 1st Army returns to full-strength. There are no reinforcements. The 39th Infantry and General Gaede’s HQ move by train from Strasbourg to Trier. Also the 28th and 29th Divisions arrive at Brussels and de-train.

Siege of Antwerp

The 1st Guard leads the attack here but has an assault force there too, which shifts the odds. Both sides incur losses in the battle, but the German 11 and 14 assault unit is wiped out. This is a permanent loss and the unit does not have opportunity rebuild. The Belgian 3rd Division also absorbs a step loss. There are no fortifications left here, and the German wants to capture Antwerp which is worth 10 VP.

The 82nd Territorial Division is weakly positioned in Roubaix, and the Germans attack to get at the northern approach to Lille, which is defended by the 84th Territorial. The Germans send four divisions into the city and the French troops are eliminated.

Battles along the Somme River

General Kluck sends the 2nd Guard across the river where it joins the attack against the French 20th Infantry Division. The French unit is holding a key RR junction south of Peronne. The attack is a complete success and the German forces capture the railroad. A second battle takes place along the Oise River just south of the town of Ham. The German 1st Army launches an attack against the French 1st Infantry Division. Two German divisions have crossed the river. This proves to be a costly attack. The German 2nd Guard Reserve and the 5th Reserve divisions both absorb losses while the French unit takes a step loss.


Two fresh infantry divisions are sent to the Metz fortress and two reduced units are rotated back to the 6th Army HQ to receive replacements. There is a stalemate between the French and German forces along the Moselle River, but the French persist in attacking Metz. This ties down several enemy divisions.

Attack on the Oise River

Allied Player Turn

The French receive a reinforcement unit, the 77th Reserve at Belfort. This is the last of the reinforcements to enter from this area. Dubail brings two units back to full strength and de Castelnau also takes in some replacements.

The French unit (84th Ter) at Lille is out of supply. The 84th Territorial pulls away. It was due to lose a step at the end of the turn because there was no way to reopen supply there. This would make it an easy target for the Germans. On the other hand, it would have required another turn of combat for the Germans.

The French player focuses on the defense of Paris. A defensive position is built along the Aisne River while the British BEF holds the Railroad junction at the joining of the Aisne and Oise Rivers.

Siege of Metz

Fourteen infantry divisions mass together in an assault on Metz. With the new replacements, the defense is formidable. Nonetheless, things go well and the losses are greater for the defenders this time. Hopefully this will draw attention from the German right flank. The Allies are hoping that their defense of Paris is adequate.

Turn 13 September 21-24

German Player

There are no reinforcements or reconstituted forces from the TRT, but several units stacked with HQ’s do return to their full-strength sides. Included here are two units with General Kluck’s First Army. The German 16th Corps at Brussels marches northward and joins the forces attacking Antwerp. The Belgian defenses have really been a thorn in the side of the Schlieffen Plan.

Siege of Antwerp

This attack does not go as well as hoped, but the Belgian 2nd Division is wrecked at the cost of two steps from the attacking forces. The powerful 1st Guard and the 20th Divisions are flipped to their reduced side. Antwerp will fall soon enough but the cost may be high.

The German player uses his cavalry to cover the western flank. The Provisional Guard moves to the town of Diksmuide, the 4th Cavalry to St. Omer, the 5th Cav to St. Pol, and the 9th Cavalry to Doullens. Meanwhile, three infantry divisions surround the French 84th Territorial to the southwest of Lille. This attack is repulsed and the 19th reserve is eliminated. General Bulow and the 2nd Army HQ has set up shop in Lille.


The German 6thy Infantry Divisions smashes into the right flank of the British 4th Infantry Division east of Amiens. This attack is supported by the 4th and 8th Divisions from across the Somme and the British division is eliminated. The German attackers achieve a breakthrough and hit the French 34th Division in Amiens. The French troops are overwhelmed and eliminated.

Aisne River

General Kluck’s headquarters advances south along the RR line through Ham. The 6th Reserve Division leads an attack against the French 1st Infantry which is trapped between the two rivers. The 1st division is eliminated as the Germans take a loss to the 6th Reserve. Achieving a breakthrough, the German attackers strike the French 53rd Reserve which is also caught in the same area. The French troops run and are devastated.

Allied Player

The British 5th Infantry Division is reconstitutes with the BEF HQ on the RR near Compiegne. General de Castelnau’s headquarters also returns the 3rd Colonial Division to its full-strength side. The French player moves the 84th Territorial toward the western coast. The 88th Territorial Division moves to Boulogne Sur Mer, which is a 5 VP locale. In Antwerp, the Belgians take the next step, by ordering the 1st Infantry Division into the city along with the armored car unit. There isn’t much time left here though.

The 1st Reserve Corps moves to Chalons sur Marne. Then the 14th Division and the 44th Mountain re-deploy to Bar le Duc. Shoring up the left flank, the British 1st and 2nd Cavalry defense Beauvais, with the French Fusiliers Marine Brigade covering the extreme left.

Battle of Metz

The French 3rd Colonial leads an attack against the Metz NE fortress. This time the Metz fortress is reduced to rubble and the 34th Infantry Division is eliminated. The French 16th Corps advances. At this point, Metz is surrounded on three sides, but has the position due north. Supply is temporarily cut off, but the Germans will have opportunity to rectify that next turn.

Turn 14 September 25-28

German Player

Kluck’s headquarters reconstitutes three divisions at Ham. Additionally, Bessler brings two divisions back to full-strength at Valenciennes. Two units are replenished at Thionville, with General Rupprecht. The Germans us trains to move General Heeringen’s headquarters to Brussels along with the 28th Reserve Division. These will help to reinforce the German attack on Antwerp, which has bogged down. General Gaede has moved his HQ to Amiens to take control of the German right flank, while Bessler moves to Peronne. The supply situation at Metz is rectified and the position is consolidated.

The Germans are in contact with the British 2nd Infantry Division along the western side of the Oise River This position is in the open and along the key RR that runs along the river. General Kluck gives the attack orders. The British are quickly dispatched but the German infantry takes heavy losses. Kluck’s forces earn a breakthrough and attack the French 45th Algerian Division. This is a strong unit. Both sides incur heavy casualties but the French must retreat.

Allied Player

The British 5th Infantry with French’s HQ returns to full-strength. The French player also manages to add replacements to units at General de Castelneau’s headquarters and General Sarrail’s. There are no reinforcements.

The Allied player attempts to solidify his position before Paris. The left is weak, held by the British cavalry and a French marine brigade. Five division arrive near the city of Chalons sur Marne, where they are poised to move into the Paris area, once the restrictions are lifted. Armored trains rail into Nancy where they will be able to transfer troops if needed.

Siege of Metz

The battle is only at 1-1 and both sides have heavy losses. The Germans flip over three divisions and the French lose one step. Metz continues to hold its position and the attention of both the French and the Germans.

Turn 15 September 29-October 2

German Player

There are no available reinforcements, but the Germans manage to add replacements to six divisions throughout the theater. The German armies on the right continue to press forward toward Paris. General Bulow’s 2nd Army advances to Amiens. Gaede’s headquarters moves to the position at Beauvais and Kluck shifts to the area south of Montdidier. General Beseler takes command of the troops at Laon. At Antwerp, General Heeringen is still focusing on building up his forces to conquer the Belgian city.

Battle of Beauvais

The city is defended by the British 2nd Cavalry. Of course the cavalry could operate as a screening force and retreat, but given the defensive bonus of the city as well as the VP value, the Allied player would like to hold it. Since the Germans have brought in about four infantry divisions, the British unit decides that it is best to retreat. Beauvais falls with out a battle. The German 3rd Infantry Division captures the city.

General Kluck’s 1st Army attacks the British 1st Division along the western side of the Oise River. The Brits do hold the railroad there, but have the advantage of the wooded terrain for cover. The attack goes exceedingly well and the British 1st Division is decimated. Earning a breakthrough, Kluck’s army attacks the Algerian 45th Division, which holds the railroad behind the Oise River. Again, the Germans prevail and the French unit is wiped out. General Maunoury’s headquarters is overrun, and the General is killed.

Allied Player

The French player receives the de Maud’ Huy headquarters in Paris and the newly reconstituted 5th Colonial Brigade. Also, three British naval brigades land in Dieppe. During the movement phase, the French player falls back and assembles a line along the Aisne River and organizes a weak left flank. Paris is fortified and has a good share of troops. Some forces from the east are moved with armoured trains to quickly gain coverage.

Despite the desperate situation on the left, the French 2nd Army, under de Castelnau launches yet another attack against Metz. Both sides take heavy casualties here, and the German 15th Infantry Division is completely wiped out. (It will not return to the game.).Nonetheless, Metz remains in the control of General Rupprecht’s Army.

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