Drive on Paris p2

Turn 3 August 12-15, 1914

German Player

Movement Phase

Several reinforcements arrive. The 1st Guard is deployed at Mobilization Point 1 at Aachen. These are joined by the 7th and 10th Reserve Corps, both of the 2nd Army. The 3rd and 5th Armies also receive reinforcements at Bitburg. The 8th and 12th Reserve Corps arrive along with the V Corps. At Mobilization Point 4, Herzig, General Albrecht’s 4th Army headquarters arrives with the VI Corps and the 18th Reserve Corps. At Strasbourg, the 14th reserve Corps detrains along with the 30th Reserve Division and the 55th Ersatz Brigade.

In the northern sector, the Skoda Siege Gun is moved up to the eastern side of Liege. Then the 3rd Army advances through Luxembourg toward the town of Virton. Then, 4th Army advances through Luxembourg City. Four of its divisions are placed in reserve at Merzig.

Siege Gun Combat

The German Siege Guns fire at the Liege fortress. The fortress is reduced by the artillery. The Krupp gun fires as well, and the remaining section of the fortress is destroyed.

Combat Phase

Both 1st and 2nd Armies attack Liege. The dice are good to the German player (12) and this results in the destruction of the Belgian 3rd Division and the 15/5 Infantry brigade are eliminated. The city of Liege is captured by the German armies. Then the 27th Infantry Division attempts an attack against the Belgian 1st Cavalry, but the cavalry is just performing reconnaissance and retreats before combat.

During the exploitation phase, the units in reserve are released. Several divisions of the 4th Army move out from Merzig and flood into Lorraine. The Guards Corps in Aachen marches through Liege and along the railroad toward Leuwen and Namur. The 2nd Bavarian Division in Saarbourg is out of supply and loses one step.

Allied Player

Movement Phase

The 2nd reserve Corps arrives at mobilization Point A, in the city Nancy, along with the 73rd Reserve Fortress Division. At Verdun, the 72nd Fortress Division deploys as reinforcements and the 3rd reserve Corps de-trains. At Charleville, the 52nd and 60th Reserve Division arrive. The 71st Reserve Fortress Division garrisons the Fortifications in Epinal. At Belfort, the 57th reserve Fortress Division deploys with the Chasseurs Mountain Bde. The BEF lands in Oostende, where French’s HQ and the I and II Corps disembark. Also the two British cavalry division lands.

The Belgians scramble and head for Antwerp and Brussels. King Albert’s Headquarters re-deploys to Antwerp. In the southeast, General Pau’s Alsace Army maneuvers around the southern edge of the Vosges Mountains and head toward the German held city of Mulhouse. No attack is launched.

General Dubail’s 1st Army manages to surround the 2nd Bavarian Division which has been weakened due to supply attrition. As a result of overwhelming fire power, the Bavarians are wiped out and Dubail’s men capture the town of Saarbourg (1VP). Then the 2nd Army launches an attack against the German 34th Division to the south of Metz, along the Selle River. The 34th Infantry is eliminated and the French 31st Division takes a step loss. Next, General Ruffey’s 3rd Army attacks the fortifications to the south of Metz. The fortifications are reduced to rubble. General Ruffey orders an attack against the German position in the town Briey, which is defended by the 33rd Infantry Division. The 33rd loses a step, but the attack is repulsed. The 42nd Grossetti is reduced along with the 5th Colonial Bde.

The British 1st and 2nd Cavalry advance as a screen to the area of Valenciennes. General French and his headquarters advance to the Escaut River with the I and II Corps of the BEF. Thus far, the French have collected 4 permanent VP’s from the Plan XVII locations.

Turn 4 August 16-19, 1914

German Player

Five Landwehr Brigades arrive at Aachen as reinforcements along with two armored trains. The 47th Landwehr Bde appears at Bitburg, Mobilization Point 2. The 5th and 6th Reserve Corps enter as reinforcements at Merzig. The 1st Bavarian Reserve Corps is deployed at Saargenmund and several Landwehr troops arrive at Strassburg. The Metz Fortress garrison also arrives, not a moment too soon.

The 2nd Guard and the 27th Infantry converge at Namur, each on different rail lines. Meanwhile, the 1st Guard advances to Leuven and then follows the RR south toward Brussels. Both the 1st and 9th Cavalry divisions perform screening operations in order to cover the 1st and 2nd Armies’ flanks in Belgium. The 2nd Cavalry moves along the Meuse River to Huy. Then 3rd Reserve Corps moves to Waremme.

General von Kluck orders the Krupp guns to fire upon the Namur fortifications. The artillery fire is successful and the fortification is reduced. The German right continues to advance. The Belgian position at Namur is deteriorating and the 1st and 2nd Armies are knocking at the gates of Brussels.

Allied Player

The 1st Reserve Corps and the 44th Alpine Division are received as reinforcements in Belfort, and are added to Pau’s Alsace Army. Four more divisions and two armoured trains are arriving at Langres. The British 4th Division also arrives on the English Channel. The French are no longer restricted from entering Belgium.

In the Southeast, General Pau’s Army advances on the German held city of Mulhouse and launches an assault. The German 29th Infantry is defending. Pau’s forces are successful and manage to destroy the German infantry. The French 44th Alpine Division loses one step. The city of Mulhouse is captured and yields 5 Plan XVII VP’s (Total of 9 VP’s). Meanwhile, the 65th and 75th Reserve Division move via armoured train from Langres to Belfort, joining the rest of Pau’s army. Further, the armoured trains deliver the 37th and 38th Algerian Divisions from Langres to Pont a Mousson.

Just to the south of Metz, the French 2nd Army continues its attack. General de Castineau orders his army to attack the 5th Bavarian Division. The German force is eliminated and the French 31st Infantry is reduced by a step. The French troops advance. Then 2nd Army attacks the southeast fortress of Metz. The fortifications are destroyed but the French 32nd Infantry is reduced a step.

General Ruffey orders the 3rd Army to launch an attack against the German 26th Division in Briey. The 26th Infantry is eliminated. In the northwest, the BEF continues its operations. General French orders his forces into reserve. The British 4th Infantry advances to Ypres. Then during exploitation, the BEF re-deploys to the Canalde Conde. The British 1st and 2nd Cavalry set up deterrents along the railroads to the northeast.

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