Drive on Paris – by ER Bickford

Drive on Paris

Turn 1 August 4-7, 1914

German Player

There are no reinforcements on game turn one. The German commander has his eyes set on Liege as the first obstacle to overcome. Therefore, the Emmich Assault KG’s advance across the border to Meuse River stopping on the eastern backs to the northeast of Liege. Then the 9th Cavalry Division advances from Malmedy through the forest and to the eastern banks of the Meuse southeast of Liege.

In the area south of Luxembourg, the German 5th Army orders the 26th and 27th Divisions to maneuver to the south of the Luxembourg border just west of Thionville. The 33rd Infantry crosses the Moselle River and across the border into France. Two cavalry units from the 6th Army are sent northward along the railroad line. passing through Thionville and region with the iron ore. Further, the 6th Army also advances with infantry to the banks of the Selle River to defend against any French incursions. 6th Army HQ advances to Thionville.

In the south, the 29th and 30th are placed in Reserve while the 39th Infantry division moves along the railroad line. The 28th Infantry enters off from mobilization point 7 along the rail through Baden and Achern.

Exploitation Phase

Emmich’s Assault units move across the Meuse River and cut off Liege from the north. The 2nd Cavalry Division crosses in the south. Meanwhile, the 38th and 43rd Assault groups hold the southeastern position on the eastern banks of the river. Both the 4th and 9th Cavalry Divisions maneuver further west and interdict the railroad from Liege to the west, near Waremme.

South of Luxembourg, the 27th Infantry captures the town Longwy. The 33rd Infantry Division moves into Briey and the 7th Cavalry moves along the railway to the town of Neufchateau, with the 8th Cavalry just to the north. South of here, the 28th Division moves to Strassburg and the 29th to the city of Mulhouse.

Allied Player

There are no Allied Reinforcements on turn one. The Belgian 1st Cavalry rides out of Brussels along the railroad through Namurand to the area near Dinant. Otherwise, the Belgians remain paralyzed. In the south, the French begin offensive operations. The Alsace Army pushes into Germany. The 8th Cavalry advances to Altkirtch, which yields a Plan XVII VP. Then the 14th Infantry Division moves into the Vosges mountains heading toward Thann, which it will capture during exploitation. Then the 41st Division advances into the VP locale (Coal 5404).

In the center, the 3rd and 4th Armies stage for an attack against the Metz area. Several units advance into contact with the enemy, but there is no attack. During exploitation, further maneuver occurs, which sets up an eventual attack. The Allies have captured two Plan XVII locations, which yield permanent VP’s. The Belgian units in Liege are out of supply and lose some strength. The fortress, however, is in trace supply (1.5c).

Turn Two August 8-11, 1914

German Player

The German commander receives a wealth of reinforcements. General von Kluck’s 1st Army and General Bulow’s 2nd Army deploy at Mobilization Point 1 in Aachen, while General Hausen’s 3rd Army is placed in Mobilization Point #2. Then 5th and 6th Army reinforcements arrive at Mobilization Point 5.

Movement Phase

The German 5th Cavalry and the Prussian Guard Cavalry move into contact with the Belgians at Liege. First Army infantry advances along the railroad path from Aachen to the area east of Liege. the 18th Infantry Division pushes up to the banks of the Meuse Riverwaiting for the next order from General von Kluck. Both the 1st and 2nd Army HQ’s advance along the railroad line.

In the center, the German 3rd Army has arrived in force at Mobilization Point #2 on the rail near Bitburg. General van Hausen places the 7th and 17th Corps in Reserve. Then General Rupprecht places the 17th Infantry Division in reserve at Longwy.

In Lorraine, several newly arrived divisions depart from Saargem. The 42nd Infantry moves to the town of Morhange, a Plan XVII VP locale. The 31st Division advances to Boulay and 5th Bavarian Division to St. Avald. The 3rd Bavarian Division follows the railroad line from Saargem to Zahern. The 3rd Cavalry moves to Forbach. In the south, 28th Infantry re-deploys to the town Molsheim and the 30th Infantry moves to Gebweiler.

General von Hausen moves his headquarters forward, with the XII Corps, stopping in the town of Grevenmacher. This is in Luxembourg, which means that the French now can enter this state.

Exploitation Phase

The 25th Infantry Division is released from reserve and moves into Luxembourg, converting the rail from the eastern side of the country through Luxembourg City and then past Arlon. Then the 21st Division moves to Arlon. Next, the 15th and 16th Infantry are released from reserve and they move through Luxembourg and convert the RR to the southern border with Lorraine.

In Longwy, the 27th Infantry is released from reserve and moves north onto the railroad and converts the line through Neufchateau to Marche-en-Famenne. The forces from the 1st and 2nd Armies advance into contact with the Belgian units at Liege.

Allied Player

Movement Phase

Reinforcements arrive at mobilization point A, in Nancy. The 2nd Army receives the IX and XV Corps as well as the 3rd Army gets the 10th Division. More units from 3rd and 4th Armies de-train at Mobilization area B in Verdun. The 61st and 62nd Reserve Divisions deploy in Paris. The I, III and X corps arrive at area D in Charleville. These units belong to Lanrezac’s 5th Army. Several corps from the 1st and 2nd Armies de-train at Epinal, and Pau’s Alsace Army Headquarters deploys at fortress Belfort. At Reims, the 4th reserve Corps unloads along with the XVII Corps and the 67th Reserve Division.

In the Vosges Mountains, Pau’s 14th Divisions has already captured the Plan XVII VP’s in Thann, so it moves to the north to coal mines to the northwest. Then, 2nd Cavalry moves on the northern edge of the Vosges. The 1st Army is planning to attack the 2nd Bavarian Division at Saarbourg. Both the XIII and XIV corps advance from Epinal to the General Dubail’s HQ.

Additionally, General de Castelnau’s 2nd Army prepares to attack the German position at Chateau Salins, a Plan XVII VP location. The XX Corps crosses the Selles River, flanking the 6th Bavarian Division, as the IX and XV Corps prepare a frontal assault.

General de Langle’s 4th Army orders the XVII Corps to move to Laon. The 4th reserve Corps joins General Lanrezac at headquarters in Rethel. Lanzerac orders I Corps to deploy to the west along the rail from the tow on Vervins east to Charleville.

Combat Phase

Dubail’s forces attack the German position at Saarbourg. This quickly turns sour and the 2-1 assault results in heavy losses to the French attackers. Three steps are sacrificed. (I rolled a 3). Then 2nd Army attacks the 6th Bavarian Division at the Chateau Salins on the Selles River. The French 17th Division loses one step while the 6th Bavarian in eliminated. The German unit goes to the reconstitution track. (It was out of command radius so it gets the X3 modifier). The Chateau Salins is captured and since it is a Plan XVII location, the French collect 1 VP. (Total 3 VP’s). During exploitation, the 2nd Cavalry Division advances toward Saarbourg to reopen supply to the 15th Division.

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