part 3 Eylau

See part two here

The advent of the reinforcements to the rear of us poses more than a small problem!

VP’s rack up for both sides.


The only thing we can do here is press really hard and attack every where hoping to keep the game to a minor French win.

Attacking up hill and down dale to little effect. The French simply use powerful counter attacks to knock us out of Eylau. There is to be no easy wins here!

I think the trick here is to mass your arty where possible and blast away!

Both sides start to run low of units and the French player even takes pity on me and throws a few bones here and there to keep me feeling like I have a chance! Bastard!

The last turn really grinds down to a stalemate with a clear Frenhc victory that is really well done. 

2 thoughts on “part 3 Eylau

  1. Nice AAR Kev, what are your thoughts on the game? For some reason Eylau has always had an alure for me, but I have never played a game on the battle, I am tempted to pick up either this set or the GDW game on the cheap If i can find a copy.

    • Mate,
      The system is old school. Simple but effective. It is not a powerful example of Napoleonic systems, but captures the flavour of the battle fine.

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