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Panzer Grenadier (PG) from Avalanche Press is advertised as an easy-to-play platoon level series covering a wide range of World War II (and beyond) combat situations. PG boasts a high number of scenarios released with each installment in the series, allowing players to simulate tactical combat at the company, battalion, and regimental levels.

Launched in 2000 with the original Panzer Grenadier: The East Front, this popular series is very well supported by the Panzer Grenadier Headquarters website which includes game records, after action reviews, statistics, and articles. Panzer Grenadier may be seen as an heir to the Panzer Blitz and Panzer Leader games by Avalon Hill.


For the most part, the turn sequence is made up of alternating player, formation activations.

Image, BGG user: Enrique Aynat Eknes

TCS (or the Tactical Combat Series) simulates 20th century platoon level battles. TCS games—originally by The Gamers, now MMP—are advertised as realistic yet playable games of specific tactical actions during and after World War II.

The system’s emphasis on command and combined arms effects sets it apart. Players typically assume the role of a regimental through company commander and are required to plan their offenses and defenses using written Op Sheets which resemble real-world military operations orders. To the maximum extent possible, units must follow their given orders. The series covers a broad slice of World War II from the East Front to Guadalcanal, and on to the Korean War and the Middle East.


Bloody Ridge US Op Sheet

Two hugely popular series covering many different historical combat settings. Do you prefer the combat modeling of Panzer Grenadier? Or do you prefer the command and control realism offered by the Tactical Combat Series? Join a Google+ video chat hangout and debate the merits of each of these venerable war game series this Saturday, July 25th, between 7 and 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) at the following link click here on Saturday!!



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