Disaster. OMG…..no!!!


I know insane. I literally scooted my stool forward……..all excited to be playing a turn early in the afternoon. BOOM. A nearly 2 hex bump…..NOOOOOOooooo.

I think it will be easier to just restart. I had just rolled for weather t9. What to do!!!!?

I’ll call it a Minor Axis victory at this point. Pity is I was enjoying this and enjoying the drama unfold.  The tactics here bear some thought for this game. Some observations from my first play of SP II.  The Axis right now have a good grip on the map.

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The Germans: Despite a couple of over zealous attacks seemed to do ok. This is not the crushing defeat I was expecting. With some careful play you are able to develop some counter attacks.

Turn 9 was to see a significant chunk of reinforcements come on to try and cause some havoc, as opposed to relieving any one. I intended the Axis to attempt to capture a few VP cities. Which would mean a diversion of Soviet reinforcements the same turn. Thus hopefully keeping the status quo! i.e. minor Axis victory.  I think the Axis forces could hold the area near the air fields, which has at least one VP hex, and the town below them is also a key location to hold. With those two and all the Western edgelocations the Axis could even strive for a major victory. Unlikely but you never know! AND we won’t know!:)

Things were however getting a little thin in the SW of Stalingrad with the end around by some minor Soviet forces. Ahh well we will never know that either!

The Soviets: I could not get the hang of things. They would penetrate the line with too few units, and get pounded on by big stacks of 6-3-10 armor. They would mosey up to  start barraging or using rockets and get DG’d. I learned quickly 3:1 ain’t cutting it. Despite what looks like a lot of units they are limited to  very few ‘worthwhile’ attack capable guys.

Reserves management, was a further issue. Because the Axis retreated so quickly, it left the Soviets have to move EVERY1 up each turn. So I found myself with NO exploitation at all. Very interesting.

Strategy : I think the Soviets spread themselves too thin. They need to concentrate fire power and arty and ‘hold’ the axis in place. Creating a real definitive breach. They only need one to pocket up the forces. If you can get the Axis with out terrain modifiers they are easier to beat (duh!) but that is a challenge.  I think the area around Stalingrad needs to remain more of a holding force that has the ‘potential to be a threat.

I’m going to setup this up again and start over. Puts a big ding in the game play schedule, but I like this title from The Gamers.

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