Devils Cauldron Reprint

Pre Order price of $180. Wow no wonder there is only 94 orders fo far.

No major changes, a straight reprint

I was expecting this to be about $120 on Pre order, and a retail of 160-190 rather than a Retail $240. Seems like they are pricing to after market than cost to get the game TO market.

I dont begrudge anyone their profits but this seems a bit high.

Guderian’s Blitzkrieg II is a good example retail $160 :

GBII has about the same number of pages of material, equivalent square feet of maps and similar counter count, except that DC has a wider variety of counter sizes and DC has some double sided maps, and all the materials are glossy printed but I am not sure that the ‘extra’ cost is justified.

It will be interesting to watch what happens to DC prices on the secondary market now that a reprint has been announced. It will likely take a year or two to get to print but nevertheless the chance for a copy under $350 is now out there.

8 thoughts on “Devils Cauldron Reprint

  1. I completely agree. I want The Devil’s Cauldron but the pre order price of $180 is way too much!

  2. Seems a bit high to me too considering what Where Eagles Dare goes for. I’m surprised it is on there at all though given MMPs reprint track record. Seems like if this is their approach they could put more up on pre-order and see what catches on. For example, why does TDC rather than Case Blue get the nod here?

  3. On the other hand, I’m not sure that 67 orders is all that bad for a $180 reprint that has been up for a week. This isn’t a new $60 COIN game.

    Regardless of what happens, I hope more people get into the GTS system. It is a good one.

  4. I almost get the sense that this is some ploy by MMP to silence people who are always clamoring for reprints of monsters like this. “You guys always say ‘print more of these they’re too expensive when OOP!’ and now look- we put up a reprint and it couldn’t even get 150 orders. So stop asking for reprints!”

    It all seems too much like an I told you so thing for MMP, who have never been shy about telling their customers to suck it.

    • Good point. If not for the ASL franchise these guys would be just another company with a bad attitude if that were the case. Seems like GTS gets the short end of the stick relative to other systems i.e. SCS etc. I guess Deans titles are a guaranteed sale.

  5. I’ve only played a little of NQoS but really liked the feel of the system. I was pretty excited to hear about the reprint but that price is way to steep for me. I think I’ll just hold out for WED to be on the Fall sale again or see what the price for the next games are.

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  7. The Greatest Day pricing would have worked for a lot of people had they split the thing into two affordable (relative) kits and kept it at the per module pricing at $110. As it stands it is ridiculous. They could have made more money this way by selling more units and lessen the one time sticker shock to the fans.

    They really need to consider sourcing the printing like GMT to keep the prices down at realistic levels…honestly when I got TDC/WED it was near the upper limit where I willing to go. To me this is a real fail.. and I rather spend that on other pursuits like micro armor or naval.

    Could be worse I could be knee deep into Flames of War…

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