Delium 424 B.C. Turn 2-3

Turn 2

The Boeotian forces win initiative. Pagonda elects to move the Hoplites at the walk forward to begin the battle proper. The Theban Double Depth formation makes it to the 2100 row! Whoot….

Athens: MOM. They attack with the LC against the Boeotia cavalry, which fail the TQ check! Routing. No Pursuit either! So the Athenian Cavalry have almost free rein on their Right Wing.

B: SK   Skirmishers open fire at the Athenian Phalanx and hit!, bringing the total to 1!… B:MOM(makes init roll) Pagonda activates the Cavalry on the Right attacking the flank of the Left most Athenian Phalanx. A risky move. This inflicts just one hit in exchange for 2! A: CAV The Athenians now press back the rest of the Skirmishers and open a way to the rear of the Boeotia forces. B:CAV realizing the error Pagonda disengages the Cavalry and retreats! This has the inadvertent benefit of slowing the DD Phalanx and one other from engaging the Athenians in their advance to combat. A:HOP The Athenians fearing that the larger DD Phanlanx will run amok, and knowing they must advance press on into the fight with the forces on the slope most take a 1 CH hit. Others not under orders recover.

Turn 3.

Boeotia wins the initiative again! They elect to bring the Hoplites to bear. TQ checks: No terrain CH for the Theban units as they are in walk mode. The combats resolve across the line like so: Resulting in a bloody mess of engaged, fight forces, all struggling, shoving, pressing and stabbing at one another. Except on the Left Flank of the Athenians where Pagondas himself leads the army to rout a Phalanx! B:CAV The Theban Cav recover. A: HOP

Into the fray they go! Concentrating on the center and right the Athenians have some challenges. With units failing to engage, and engaged forces not faring well. Both sides seem to begin to falter. But the Athenians even fighting uphill hang on. Ever wary of the Athenina Right with its roving cavalry. The Boetia forces press home the slimmest of advantage.   Barely making the momentum roll Pagondas urges his men on. The Athenians finally crack. The entire center breaks and just one Phalanx from the Boeotia side fails. Pagondas, pivots his men into the rear/flank of the Athenina Left and snaps the men situated there.

The Atheninas flee: I became so engrossed I just moved the Hoplites like regular routed units. Then started Turn 4 attempting to Rally. One did!… It was then I realized It was over! Click thru below for a detail look. The RP limit for each side was 40.end turn3

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