Delium 2 Part 4

Turn 5 and the Theban forces win initiative again. The Hoplites attack! Hoping to finish off the  center before things on the LEft Wing get hairy! With the left in a precarious state how quickly the flanked Athenians can be routed is key. This seems to be prudent as the Thebans cannot afford for the enemy forces to go first  as it would potentially wipe out two phalanx formations!

The attack is successful and the army of Pagondas hang on on the Right Wing. On the left however things are grim! One unit routs while the other  recovers under the momentum roll see below.


Huge momentum roll!

Regardless the center is blown. Pagondas looks to be in all sorts of strife. Everything BUT the Athenian chit for Hoplites comes out! Note ended up not doing this(below):

Yep in desperation I considered attacking with the Cav, but the losses would have been so big for Thebes that it would put them in a position to lose if the Athenian Hoplites knocked out just one more Phalanx.  

Sure enough here come the phalanxes!  

With the center of the map split asunder, not much is left on the battlefield for either side. The results of the turn 6 opening by Athens was brutal. But the Thebans are next up.

They close quickly, with time on neither combatants side they strike! The attacks are successful

The prepared withdrawal was an error. I believe we need to be in Command range! An over view of the field.   The Theban chit pull order keeps working for them and they use momentum to activate the hoplites and reform. Losses:   Theban forces:  The Thebans just manage the win. With Athens hitting its limit first. I’d really call this a draw.

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