Delium Replay Part1

Mea Culpa…oi….vei. They did not say that in this region at that time, now did they?!!



The last play ….shock horror aghast…I made some errors. Such that I think the run through which I had shared would have been fairly different if played accurately. Two things happened that I know of.

Firstly and for some bizarre reason, I completely spaced on the Advancing Hoplite rule….The rule itself is very clear. Extremely concise and slaps you up side the head – telling all the OCD players…”yes your lines will advance at different rates”!!!…How did I miss that?



The other thing was the effective use of a second activation i.e. Momentum.

Rather than pushing units to break point, I should have been regrouping and harvesting off Cohesion Hits. I did some reforming at the end of the turn rather than as a direct action under an activation chit. So lets replay shall we?


Above the Boeotian forces take their first move which is NOT under the auspices of the Hoplite Advance rule, per the scenario instructions and they move up as a line. They will roll under their next activation if they move. As you can see they accrue a Cohesion Hit each going up slope, pictured below.



Note that we covered the background and history of this conflict in a prior post which you can read here



By turn end the Theban Cavalry have positioned themselves to begin to threaten the Athenian Flank.


In Turn 2 the Athenian cavalry and skirmisher units advance to engage and drive back the enemy screening elements.

Missile fire is exchanged and the results are inconclusive.

The cavalry press on and now sit in command of the Left Flank of the Athenians. At turn end the momentum chit is pulled and the Hoplite formation is activated and they recover 1 CH each.


Missile Fire this turn is mildly more effective for both sides.

The Athenian cavalry engage aggressively and lose 3 steps to the Boeotian lose 2! The rest of the Athenian forces take to pressing back against the Skirmisher line.


This rather rash attack shows us two things. One of the key differentiators of the GBoH vs Simple GBoH is how weapon system modifiers work. I think SGBoH is kinder to LC, and give them advantages if they have solid Troop Quality over their enemy.


The Light Cavalry usually receive more modifiers in the SGBoH system than what is available here, but since there is no size differential, no TQ delta and no cohesion hits to worry about just a +1 for movement would have been earned. This would have also given the Attacker a 2 or 3 cohesion hit result, and a rout check, but no loss on the Defender.


Asides rolling a 1 on the final CRT the tables really impact the attacker more (or so it feels) unless you have compelling odds/advantage via column shifts versus SGBoH. In the past when I have used the GBoH system to resolve combats for Legions or Phalanx it felt more of a drawn out affair. Here however that feeling is assuredly absent, and both sides are being weakened.


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