Delium 424 B.C.Turn 1

Quick background:

In 424 BCE the Athenian Generals Demosthenes and Hippocrates planned to invade Boeotia. Demosthenes mistakenly sailed too early and landed at Siphae, where his plans were betrayed by a Phocian named Nicomachus. As Hippocrates had not yet arrived, Demosthenes could not attack and was forced to withdraw.

Hippocrates eventually did arrive in Boeotia with an Athenian army and began to fortify the temple at Delium. After five days, the fortifications were complete, and Hippocrates set up a garrison and sent the rest of his army back to Athens. At the same time, the Boeotians gathered their army to challenge Hippocrates, but when they saw that the Athenians were leaving many of them thought it was pointless to attack. Pagondas of Thebes, the commander of the Boeotian forces, urged them to attack anyway, because he knew the Athenians would eventually return and use Delium as a base for further invasions.

The Chit pulls are in capitals

Starting positions: CHIT:


Activate and move forward. ATHENS SK  The next chit is :


The Athenian leader Hippocrates rolls a 1 to allow him to activate a formation in his command range. He has a command initiative rating of 2 (poor).


His Athenian Light Cavalry (LC) advance on the left flank of the Boeotian forces, who elect to try and stand so they can launch Javelins at the enemy..but fail to strike.

Boeotian Skirmishers (SK) now must roll to stand against their Troop Quality number (TQ) for the upcoming Melee or shock combat

… Both units roll over their respective TQ’s thereby Routing and as they are SK are eliminated costing the Boeotian 2 RP in the early going.

Off they run! But no advance for the LC.

Athenians pull:


Hippocrates gets lucky and has the Cav chit pulled next. He continues with his assault on the skirmishers. These skirmishers are also ready to lay down for their leader Pagondas. They fire and miss. They do however stand to conduct shock.

The LC are more than a match and begin Attack Superior from the chart, with the weapon system table showing us that they will start on the 9 column of the shock results table.

The first attacker receives a +2 to the Right shift for the additional unit fighting with it. There is no positional advantage. However as the target is a SK no doubling of the combat result will take place due to the spread formation no doubt.

With a roll of a 3 and a 5 the Light Cav sustain 2 Cohesion Hits (CH) and the SK are routed and removed from the board. Boeotia lose another 2 RP.


The Boeotia Cav on the right advance in a wide arc, whereas on the left the route is more direct. The two squadrons attack the lone Athenian LC. Routing that unit with Positional Superiority and mass, plus a healthy 8 roll on the 10 column, yields 3 CH x2! The Athenians turn tail and retreat 200m.

The enthusiastic cavalry will pursue the Athenians off the battle space.


Taking this momentum Pagondas errs here and activates the Skirmishers to attempt to block the Athenian Hoplites, rather than pressing the advantage with the Cavalry.


Rolling for the advance Pagondas has a WALK result. Perfect. This means a steady pace, and no terrain cohesion hits! They move forward their 3MP (movement points)


Huzzah the Athenian advances at the trot (4MP) and scoot the SK out of the way as they withdraw before the forces.

The first turn ends orders ends, we will rout move the Athenian Cavalry and the enemy shall pursue.


The chit pulls:

MAP at end of Orders PHASE:

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