Delium 2 Part 3

Turn three now done lets see what Turn Four has in store!

Not wasting time the Hoplites engage on the plain and the skirmishers get out of the way

Locked shields makes no difference in these scenarios.

Well someone had to take the fall and its the Left Flank.

The enemy braces for the impact, confident that it can spread the damage across 2  Phalanx. Advancing at the run helps the Thebans, but not enough.

Pagondas lends a hand!

The center appears to be worse for wear. The run taking its toll, and the Hoplites for the Athenians dig in also charging at the run!

The sound is hear for miles as thousands of men charge into one



Battered, the theban centers recoils.

While the Left is under pressure, as one unit is about to to fail, 2 additional phalanx march past and off the hill.

At the end of the turn, Pagondas has crushed on one phalanx with his double depth  beastie and now looks to turn on the engaged Athenians to his left.

Time is of the essence and his Left is fragile.

Conclusion up next.

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