Decision Games Wipes Pledge Slate

You can read their pdf newsletter here.


Along with this they discuss the ‘new titles’ Wellingtons Victory and Campaign in North Afrika. 

Reprint? No.

Reboot? No.

Essentially re designs that ‘borrow’ the name.

The newsletter had details. WV for instance now has (at the moment) pale pink counters  for the  British, 10 minute turns and a revised turn sequence. CNA has cards to manage logistics, paperwork is gone, a new map, new OB and a new airwar model.

We shall wait and see how they do, what transpires and if their customer support and nickel and dime approach to market changes along with the PXXX pledge system.

I hope it does. They have a fabulous lineage, wonderful old titles and the GOSS system if re worked has been receiving favorable reports for Grognards in the know, The art, support and approach to rules is letting the system down tho.

Good luck DG.

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